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The Trifekta label released the debut Art Of Fighting album Wires on 26th March 2001, following two successful mini-albums on Half A Cow. Titled The album was recorded by Tim Whitten (Clouds, Crow, Gaslight Radio) and won the best Independent Album for 2001 in the ARIA Awards.

Art of Fighting formed in 1995 around the nucleus of Ollie Browne (guitar/vocals) and Peggy Frew (bass/vocals). Joined six months later by Cameron Grant, and as only a three piece, the band released two demo tapes to growing label and booker interest. Two songs from the second demo tape (The Chorus Is Suffering, You and Me On Mars) appeared on the Au Go Go Records compilation Wonder From A Quarter Acre (1997).
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The end of 1997 saw Art of Fighting enter the studio to record their debut release, a six track mini-album entitled The Very Strange Year, which was released on Half A Cow at the end of 1998. It received great reviews both Australia-wide and internationally, and had airplay on RRR (Vic), PBS (Vic), RTR (WA) and Triple J. This acclaim widened the band's audience and increased their touring opportunities. In the first 6 months of 1999 Art of Fighting toured the east coast states and South Australia on separate tours with Pollyanna and Bluebottle Kiss, playing regional areas for the first time. They also played live at the Music Industry Critics Awards in Adelaide, where the strength of The Very Strange Year saw them nominated for Best New Talent and Best Debut EP/Single.

In June 1999 Art of Fighting re-entered the studio with The Very Strange Year engineer, Nick Carroll, to record a new mini-album, Empty Nights. Continuing with the gentle introspective sounds explored in their debut, this second record refines these themes into a more focused set of songs, with an emphasis on melody and contrast. Empty Nights also features the first recorded input from new member Miles Browne (guitar, trumpet) who joined the band in early 1998 to tour The Very Strange Year.

Empty Nights was released on November 15th 1999 and is another 6 tracker totalling 37 minutes in length. Meanwhile, Ollie Browne has been busy and, apart from touring overseas with his other band the Hoodangers last year, has released a record with his other-other band The Remotes. Featuring Kristian Brenchley (from S:bahn) on guitar and Ollie on guitar and vocals, the album called Lonely Tremor has ten songs and is available on BBQ'd Browne Records and also available from mailorder here at Half A Cow (see "Shopping").

Art of Fighting and Half A Cow have secured a UK release of Empty Nights on the Words & Works Rejected label.

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