Bettie Serveert

Carol van Dijk: vocals, guitar
Peter Visser: guitar
Herman Bunskoeke: bass
Berend Dubbe: drums

In 1992 Dutch band Bettie Serveert released their debut album "Palomine" on Matador label in the USA and 4AD's Guernica label for the UK/Europe. After a steady beginning the music industry suddenly proceeded to go ballistic over the band. Melody Maker raved about an early live show where "Bettie Serveert prove tonight as on their growing, glowing album that they have that treasurable knack of making pop songs sound like something they've just invented" whilst Q gave the record a four-star review. Pretty soon the likes of Spin, Billboard, CMJ and Entertainment Weekly were also frothing at the mouth.

Originally formed in Amsterdam in 1986, Bettie Serveert broke up after one gig. Taking their name from an instructional booklet by Dutch tennis legend Bettie Stoeve (Bettie Serveert means 'Bettie served'), the band miraculously reformed in 1990 and haven't taken a step backward since. By 1993 "Palomine" had generated more combat zone major label A & R action than any other act over the last few years, seeing the band sign to the WEA group with "Palomine" being given a re-release. A new album in 1995 called "Lamprey" has seen the band continue it's quest, however, "Palomine" remains one of the finest debut albums of this decade and an incredibly tough measure against which future Bettie Serveert albums will be evaluated.

Now, in 1995, "Palomine" sees local release in Australia on the Half A Cow label. It remains an essential purchase for all serious music fans with Q magazine (Jan '93) writing: "Their brand of guitar-rock has country inflections, folk-blues tinges and dabs of post punk fuzztoning...Carol van Dijk has a vibrant, husky voice capable of plaintive, precocious passion and gutsy feverishness, while Peter Visser belongs to the Neil Young school of melodic abrasion but seduces more delicate, unpredictable shedes of sting from his guitar. Palomine is produced with a bar nband intimacy that amplifies the sparse, roaming spaces at the heart of the music. Bettie serves an ace."

(release deleted 2001)

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