Booster Valves

Booster Valves: Together All The Time (moo12) 7 inch only.
Limited and numbered to 500 copies. Release date February 3rd, 2003 and available now in Shopping. "Hands across the ocean, man" was how Jeff Conolly (from The Lyres, DMZ) described this one-off recording session with Nic Dalton in Boston in April 1998. Two unreleased songs from the Plunderers repertoire recorded live to 16 track 2inch with Jeff on lead vocals/organ/tambourine, Nic on guitar/backing vocals and the Fuzzy rhythm section of Winston Braman on bass and Nate Darnden on drums.

'Hot Plate', co-written in 1986 with Ben Whitten (then - The Slurpees, Thee Spirals; now - Intercontinental Playboys), and 'Together All The Time' both date from the Plunderers live set in the late 80s. Jeff Conolly described the now-closed Supersonic Studio, "It was simply the greatest studio in Boston/Cambridge, and now it's gone." He recorded the very last session there in early 2001 with the Lyres.

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