Deezleteens: On The Road/Star Sign (moo13) 7 inch only.
Limited and numbered to 500 copies. Release date February 3rd, 2003 and available now in Shopping. Tom Morgan & Nic Dalton (from Sneeze) team up with Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow (from the Posies) on powerpop number 'On The Road', backed with a country-rock version (with strings and banjo!) of Teenage Fanclub's 'Starsign' (with Bill Gibson on bass and vocals) plus cover of both sides of Replacement's first single (done simultaneously!) which was previously released under the name Erbs & Pisces on the Replacements' tribute album I'm In Love...With That Song.

The recording of 'On The Road' has been a long and interesting one. Recording started in July 1996 when The Posies were on tour in Australia with the Hoodoo Gurus, and the plan was to record a 'late 70s powerpop' single under the name Deezleteens. Jon Auer added drums, lead guitar and his very fine engineering skills to the two new tunes provided by Nic and Tom. Ken Stringfellow was having too much fun in Newtown's Bermuda Triangle to make it to the session only to return four years later in 2000 (on a solo tour) to put down the all-important lead vocals. By this stage the Posies had broken up and Ken was re-united by wonderul analogue technology with his former bandmate. The song was finally mixed in July 2001 and by this stage the Posies had reformed! The other song recorded, an early version of Smudge's 'Ya We Are Cruel', will remain unreleased.

"It's had more gestation time than a Boston album" - Ken Stringfellow

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