Godstar: Coastal/Before And After Coastal (hac42/hac105) Originally released in 1995 is Coastal - the second album from Godstar (the band Nic Dalton formed after the Plunderers and before Sneeze started playing live) which, according to some, remains to this day his musical peak when it comes to the psychedelic pop aspect of his varied career. Other members of Godstar include Tom Morgan and Alison Galloway from Smudge, Boston band Fuzzy, Evan Dando and David Ryan from the Lemonheads (the track Go Now on Coastal being the last ever recording by this line-up of the band), John Encarnacao, Tania Bowers and Robyn St. Clare from the Hummingbirds. The 14 track album has been re-released with a further 4 extra tracks that previously appeared as b-sides and is also bonused with another 14 track cd comprising of unreleased recordings, rare tracks and a live show from November 1995. Limited edition 32 track 2CD.
Released 10th February 2003

History of Godstar
band photo Until Sneeze started playing live in mid-1996, Godstar had been the main focus for Nic Dalton's songwriting and recording since 1992, following the dissolution of the much loved Plunderers, and in between his commitments to the Lemonheads, which took up a lot of time from 1992 to 1994. band photo

Having featured an ever-changing line-up for most of its existence, Godstar released two studio albums on Half A Cow in Sleeper (1993, also released in US by Taang!) and Coastal (1995) as well as a bunch of seven inch singles that came out in USA, Spain, England and Australia. A compilation called Way Out Jim was released in Japan. The final Godstar release was the September compilation which came out in 1997 under the name The Godstar Reminder and was a compilation of recordings from September 1993.

John E Inspired in equal parts by the Modern Lovers, Buffalo Springfield, power-pop, Philly soul and the Velvet Undergound's quieter moments, the band did two tours of Australia in September 1993 and September 1995 and two shows in Boston in May 1994. Apart from Nic, Godstar has included Tom Morgan, Robyn St Clare, Evan Dando, Alison Galloway, John Encarnacao and Eugene Kelly. A new line-up of the band played some of the support slots on the Sneeze UK/Europe 2002 tour with Nic and Tom joined by Sneeze drummer Simon Gibson and Tom Van Heesch on bass.

Tania From late 1996 Nic Dalton decided to no longer record under the Godstar moniker, with the last release from the band being the Has She Got Your Time Now 7 inch single on the Blind label.

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