Kim Salmon & the Business

A new Kim Salmon single I'll Be Around (Hac95) has been released on August 21st 2000. Kim will be playing some shows with Escobar (the band who remixed the tracks on the I'll Be Around EP, featuring Stu McCarthy, Justin Frew and Tim Dowley). Tracks are I'll Be Around and Anticipation remixed by Escobar plus I Was The Lord Of Darkness (solo KS is back!) plus the album version of I'll Be Around.

Kim Salmon

Gone are the long hair and tacky psychedelic threads of the Scientists.
Gone is the alcoholism of the Beasts of Bourbon.
Gone are those shirts synonymous with the Surrealists.
Gone is any low budget, low-fi sloppiness or ambiguity that might have been part of the charm of what Kim might have been doing at one time or other.
Gone is anything that will stand in the way of an audience recognising that this is the man and here is his music.
In its place there is a new look.
The look heralds a new era.
Now there is the new vision that given a free reign this man could do some serious business.
Now he means business.
The pool of talent he has drawn on to create his vision are the business.
The results he has produced are the business.
Dressed neatly in suits - they have serious work to do - his band is The Business.
His new CD entitled "Record" is the business.

In its place there is a new look...a new sound...and a new name.
Welcome Kim Salmon & The Business...a man and band who surely are the business.
Fourteen tracks of inspired sounds...fourteen tracks that melt hearts and move mountains, Kim Salmon is back...and he's not holding back. And with a band like The Business behind him - four of Australia's finest - filling out the sound with drums, bass and brass, Record is one high time of infectious groove and soulful pop with polish.

From the opening track, the instrumental What's All This Business, in all its sassy, scratchy glory, its obvious that there's new forces at work in Salmon's music. A fresh approach and a rediscovered sense of musical freedom are his tools...and in Record Kim Salmon & The Business offer a unique opportunity to participate in a transaction that will certainly double your investment in ways that cannot be measured monetarily.

The new Kim Salmon & The Business album Record (Hac 86) was released on 25th October 1999. It was Feature Album Of The Week on JJJ, last week of the Nineties.
Saving Me From Me

A single from the album Saving Me From Me was released on Monday 20th September 1999. Also included is the track Caesar's Lament and a cover of the Dudley Moore tune "Love Me" (from the movie Bedazzled).

A second single Disconnected (Hac88) was released 13th March 2000 from the album Record featuring two remixes by Mr Chill, Gary B and Justin Frew. A new touring lineup of The Business occured in May 2000 featuring Phil Collings on drums, Damien Maughan on trumpet, Robert Jackson on tenor sax along with mainstay Stu Thomas on the bass.

Kim had a very busy 1999 doing the live music for a play Features Of Blown Youth which has been performed in Melbourne, Sydney, Germany and Perth. Kim also did a European solo tour in 1999.

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