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10th anniversary edition of the long-out-of-print reissue of the 1965 album by 'Australia’s wildest garage-punk band'. This reissue contains all 17 songs by the second line-up featuring Andy Anderson (these days a well-known actor) and Doug 'Masters Apprentices' Ford. The release has been re-packaged in an Eco-Box jewel case with the 40 page booklet intact. Includes 'Wild About You' (as covered by the Saints) and 'You’re Driving Me Insane' (on the Rhino Nuggets II box set).


The songs that appeared on the first pressing of Driving You Insane by the first line-up of the Missing Links, the Showmen and Running Jumping Standing Still are only available now as iTunes downloads.

The new version of Driving You Insane is dedicated to the memory of the Links' bass player Ian Thomas who passed away in August 2009.

Pioneers of punk THE MISSING LINKS

Driving You Insane 1965: Before it was fashionable - and long before it was acceptable - a bunch of musical maniacs called the Missing Links were tearing up the stages of Sydney's inner city with their furious live shows. The length of their hair and manner of dress caused genuine concern among the establishment. Johnny O'Keefe, the so-called 'wild man of rock & roll', refused to allow the Missing Links to appear on his TV pop program.

The Missing Links were a band without pretense or compromise. When they were billed as 'Australia's wildest group', it wasn't the just the usual industry hyperbole or rhetoric - it was a statement of fact. And it's a fact that still holds true today. They predated punk, hard rock, metal and grunge. If you saw the Missing Links walking down the street today, as they appeared 33 years ago, you'd think nothing of it; their image hasn't dated at all. The Links' brief history is convoluted and confusing - even those involved don't recall exactly how events unfolded. Originally featuring Peter Anson, Danny Cox, Bob Brady, Dave Boyne and Ronnie Peel, within less than a year the lineup had changed completely to consist of Andy James, Doug Ford, John Jones, Chris Gray, Ian Thomas and Baden Hutchins. All were in their teens.

As wild as the first bunch had been, it was the second lineup who would really create the legend with their incredibly innovative sound and untamed stage behaviour. Their live shows were characterised by an auto-destructive performance held together by extended feedback rave-ups to a pounding jungle rhythm. On one ocassion the squealing pitch of their guitars caused a mirrored ceiling to shatter and collapse into the audience.

Fortunately, the Missing Links have left us with a generous recorded legacy: four singles, an album and an EP. These are now so rare and in demand, that small fortunes have been spent by collectors in their quest for original Link's vinyl. The music can't be described, it has to be heard. And now at last it can be - at an affordable price. Half A Cow have gathered all of the Link's material - including a cache of previously unreleased tracks - all on on cd called Driving You Insane. Included is the full story of the band(s), with a gallery of awesome, never-before-seen photos. A single was also released in anticipation of the Driving You Insane cd - a double-sided single with a track each from the two lineups of the Links. 'Come My Way' was previously unreleased until the cd came out. And on the other side is 'Wild About You' (the song covered by seminal '70s punks the Saints on their debut album in '76).

More info can be found at the great Miles Ago site

"Before Masters Apprentices I was a musician in Sydney and I was playing in a band called Running Jumping Standing Still and that was a Blues-styled band with R&B influences and Soul and all the types of music that I really liked to do. Before that I was in a band called The Missing Links which were quite a famous band at the time and did a lot of good things in the Blues/Soul style of music. Then I was living just down the road from a bunch of musos who I didn't know at the time and I got to meet them and I found out they were the Masters Apprentices from Adelaide. After speaking to Jim Keays, the singer in the band, I sort of felt we had something in common." (Doug Ford interviewed in the Turn Up Your Video documentary 1999)


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