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Sneeze return with their first single since the Just The Blues Sped Up album in 2004. The lineup of Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton and Lara Meyerratken give you the 29 second epic "1-800 Billy Ruane" - dedicated to the well-loved, and missed, Boston man-about-town Billy Ruane.
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The History Of Sneeze...

SNEEZE evolved via the suggestion of Mickey Levis at Troy Horse back in 1991 that Nic and Tom should record a seven inch album. The idea being planted SNEEZE sprouted into 41 songs, written mostly over the counter at the old Half A Cow Shop. You can just picture the humble beginnings; Tom and Nic sitting around playing guitar while working the shop. In a busy and creative time with Tom forming Smudge and Nic doing the Plunderers and 'subbing' in The Hummingbirds, the SNEEZE recordings began when they asked the 'overseas touring band' The Lemonheads, who they'd only just met a few days before, to come in (before sound check at The Lansdowne) and record a couple of songs.

With co-producer Mickey, SNEEZE chipped away at recording bringing in special guests along the way. Simon Day from Ratcat sings and plays on PEDAL, Alannah "Hummingbird" Russack performs SHAKY GROUND, the Lemonheads play two songs AUTUMNAL EYES and TROUBLE IN SCHOOL, which happen to be the last ever recordings featuring the original line-up. Simon and Robyn Hummingbird sing a lullaby BABY ASLEEP. Smudge, the Plunderers and Swirl all get a turn as well.

The end result is an album full of classic pop songs all under two minutes. No bits and pieces of throwaway music (well....) great for those compilation tapes - what to do with that last minute?? but fully realised pop songs shrunk down to the bare classic essentials. Looking back, it seems that SNEEZE captured the post-Ratcat/pre-Nirvana early '90s of Sydney - a pretty mean task in only 47 minutes (there's a mis-print on the spine which says 49 minutes).

What does a band do after their last release - which was a ceedee with 41 songs in 47 minutes? A: They record an 19 minute epic and release it on 12 inch vinyl.

And this is exactly what Sneeze have done. In May 1996 Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan, the two heads of Sneeze, sat in a loungeroom about to head off to a recording studio to begin what they had been calling for a few years "Sneeze 2".

A band should move on, progress, rally forth they both agreed. An idea struck. Let's record our interpretation of "The Four Seasons". Yes! What better way for Sneeze to return than with the opposite of an album of songs under two minutes in length - an epic titled "The Four Seezons".

So it began and they recorded one day each over the next four seasons to capture the spirit in the air. 19 minutes later "The Four Seezons" appeared. Available on 12 inch vinyl (green, alas!) and backed with a live-on-radio-FBI broadcast from July 1996 featuring 11 songs including the classic "Shaky Ground", "Ripped Jeans" and "I'm Upset Enough (Parts 1 & 3)".

Tom and Nic have been joined in the live arena for some time now with Simon Gibson (from Half Miler) after their original live drummer, Lara "Stix" Meyerratken left to play keyboards in the Ben Lee Band and moved to New York.


Sneeze: the Maybe Moving In EP (hac97)

Release date April 15th, 2002 and available now in Shopping. Sneeze are back with a new EP, featuring the upbeat Maybe Moving In Together Wasn't Such A Good Idea, taken from last year's Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll. The Maybe Moving In EP also includes seven phenomenal new b-sides; first up, the beautiful and catchy (Love Theme From) Cousin Erich, a duet between Tom and Lara about a Marrickville couple who just can't get it together. Then there's (Theme From) Smoke! - Sneeze's buoyant theme song for a 70s TV show, whose hero is a Shaft-esque Native American PI . Track four, Beibe Pelu, is a Spanish rendition of Baby Asleep (the original version was released on Sneeze's debut album) with the lovely vocals of Leticia Nischang (of Spain's 120 mins). Next up are four separate tracks that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle - Tittie Bar (Part 2); Girls, Girls, Girls, Crazy Girls; Nurse Jones; and Tittie Bar (Part 3). The Tittie Bar Suite is a 13-minute journey through the sad world of strip clubs, seen through the persective of a lonely customer, a club MC, and a single mother stripper with a law degree.

Sneeze will be playing their last Sydney show until December as the band will be trekking over to UK and Europe for a long-awaited tour. Sneeze's latest album Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll will be released on August 12th, 2002 in the UK and Europe, licensed by the Fire label.

Sneeze headed north in September 2002 to over to play approximately 28 shows in 30 days across Spain, Germany, The Netherlands (playing the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam), Belgium, England and Scotland from August 30th to September 28th. Joining Tom, Nic and Simon will be Marti and Leticia (from Spanish band 120 mins) on bass and keyboards. This was to be Sneeze's first trip to UK and Europe.

April 2004:
Just The Blues Sped Up added to 102.7fm RRR SOUNDSCAPE in Melbourne. "I have the new Sneeze cd and think it a major work of rich and rare energy. It is more than a little bit mad ( and thats good, of course)." - Sir Dave Graney

Fri 30th April, 2004 Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney (the record launch) w/ royalchord, Modern Giant

March 2004:
Just The Blues Sped Up has been made a mini-feature album of the week on Triple J and FBi has added 'When Honey Snaps' to their playlist.

New album! Just The Blues Sped Up (hac109)
20 tracks. Total playing time 51:44

Sneeze do a complete u-turn from the soul sounds of 2001's Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll and come up with a sprawling, crazed and defiant 20-track ode to Rock & Roll. The recording of Just The Blues Sped Up dates back to 1998 when Sneeze planned to trump their 41 Songs In 47 Minutes album with a 50-tracker. Realising that they didn't need to prove for a second time that they could put out a record crammed with short tunes, instead all the sad, sweet soul songs were assembled into Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll and the more upbeat Rock & Roll ones were reserved for the next one. And that album has now arrived. If Lost The Spirit were a melancholic love-sick woman, then Just The Blues Sped Up is her out-of-control teenage lover.

With a solidified line-up of guitarist Tom Morgan (recently gracing the airwaves with Givegoods), multi-instrumentalist Nic Dalton, drummer Simon Gibson plus bassist Bill Gibson and keyboard wizard Cameron Bruce, the bulk of Just The Blues Sped Up was completed in 2003 with special guests - such as Leticia Nischang, original Sneeze drummer Lara Meyerratken, You Am I's Russell Hopkinson, John Encarnacao and Ben Whitten - filling in some of the blank spaces along the way. The album had its ups and downs, for example in the last few months of recording when Nic had a brain haemorrhage and Tom and Leticia got married. Huh?

Some of the songs are old standards from when Sneeze first started playing live in 1996 - 'Going Skiing, Pretty Weird', 'When Honey Snaps' and 'Loud & True' - to more recent crowd faves such as 'Dress Ups' and 'That Man's My Weakness'. The album also contains the recent Triple J and FBi summer hit 'If It's Catchy It Means You Stole It' which features backing vocals courtesy of Treetops' Ben and Jordan and the audience at the Annandale Hotel on June 13th, 2003.

To set the pace, the album starts off with the 6-and-a-half-minute 'On Again, Off Again' which was a song that had its genesis in a dream. Nic dreamt that You Am I were playing at a party where they decided to write a reply to the Beatles 'Got To Get You Into My Life'. They started playing the main riff and opening line, which, when he woke up, Nic sang into a Walkman - this eventually became 'On Again, Off Again'. This song also features the debut of Sneeze's new secret weapon: the fuzzwah mandolin. That's it playing the solo. Hey, they're not shy!

Sneeze take a quick breather with the next song, Tom's country-rock-flavoured 'Might As Well Chalk It Up' which contains the banjo talents of Sydney's own Jenny Shimmin. Bill Gibson takes centre-stage on '(Take The) Headache Over Heartache', his vocal style being perfectly suited to this classic 70s AM Radio hit about a guy who'd rather drown his sorrows with a bottle of booze than worry about his broken heart.

Okay, there just ain't the room here in this bio to write about all 20 songs on the new Sneeze longplayer Just The Blues Sped Up so if you want to know what the songs are about, you're just gonna have to work it out on your own! Oh, and there's also a mini-rock opera in tracks 12 to 19 about a heartbroken guy who goes from a party to a few clubs and ends up on the ski slopes. Right. Who said Rock & Roll had to make complete sense?

Their last show was the Half A Cow Sweet Sixteenth night at the Annandale in November 2006. Now they are back! Tom, Nic and Leti will be joined on drums by long-time cohort Andy Calvert, currently riding high in Wifey. Sneeze will be playing at the Bald Faced Stag, 345 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt on Friday 12th June supported by Adelaide bands We Grow Up and the British Robots.

The Brutals THE HONEYMOON PERIOD Album Launch!

Sneeze, Brutals, Wifey, The Falcon & The Jewel, Vegan Mosquitos
Thursday, April 29, 2010 starts 7.30pm finishes around 11:45pm at the Sandringham Hotel, King Street, Newtown.


a note left on the bongos in Albury!

Lucky for Sneeze, they were nearly going to be called Sniff!

Lick - "The Australian Lemonheads Show", taken here after finishing their set at the Annandale, Sydney in October 1991 (where they played with The Cruel Three and Smudge). The band reformed ten years later to the weekend in October 2001 for the encore at

Sneeze's B.U. (from Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll) covered by The Whitlam's Tim Freedman as seen in this review - right next to Randy Newman no less!

In late 1998 to mid 1999, Sneeze were joined by the drumming talents of Russell "Rusty" Hopkinson from fab Aussie act You Am I. Sneeze were very excited to play the 'last night' of the Annandale Hotel in Sydney along with You Am I and Hoss. Rusty also pla

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