the Trouble Dolls
Sticky is the debut album by the Trouble Dolls, the only band in Brooklyn, New York, whose record collection includes more Fleetwood Mac albums than Gang of Four albums. On Sticky, the Dolls dip their tusks into a gooey mix of styles including bubblegum ('7:05'), folk-rock ('Marcelle') and garage rock (the title track). They break out the backward guitars on the psychedelic ballad 'Something Blue Amazed Me' and the sleigh bells on the holiday tune 'December'. Ten of the album's eleven tracks spotlight the sublime vocal talents of Cheri Leone.

The Dolls' 2002 EP I Don't Know Anything At All, released in the U.S. on their own La La La unlimited label, drew comparisons to Apples in Stereo, the Swimming Pool Q's, R.E.M. and Mazzy Star. They would prefer, however, to be compared to either Kylie Minogue or Susie Beauchamp.

Sticky hit the stores November 3rd, 2003.

pic by Mark Creel

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