2 Litre Dolby

PRESS RELEASE! 2 Litre Dolby threatened with legal action!

December, 2002: Email from 2 Litre D****'s manager to HAC:
"We need to remove the 2 Litre Dolby pages from the Half A Cow site. The Dolby Corporation are still on the band's back about the mentions of the band on your site and are threatening further legal action unless all references to Dolby are removed. If you want to keep the pages up that is ok as long as 2 Litre Dolby are referred to as 'the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby' or as '2 Litre D****'. Can you please ensure this happens as soon as to prevent any further trouble."

Now come on D**** Corporation! We'll do as you say as we don't want to get sued! (gee, wouldn't that give the band some extra exposure!) But, really, how many times do we have to tell you that the band named themselves after one of the many members of the Dolby clan, there's plenty of us around (hey, I've got Dolby in my genes), even the famous 80s popstar Thomas Dolby. There's more to the great D**** name than a switch that adds a murky and dull sheen to your recordings!

So don't be so self-important, D**** Corporation - Grandpappy Eugene Dolby was around a long, long time before you!

For more information on the Dolby family name:
Welcome To Dolby Days (and Dalbey Dalby Dolbee) Genealogy Website at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bandy/dolby.html
(and other famous Dolby's on the "other" page)

Meanwhile, back to 2 Litr - (woops!) the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby:

On Saturday 3rd March 2001, the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby travelled to Sydney to 'play their last Sydney show' supporting Tweezer at the Hopetoun. See ya later guys...

band photo

The album bio: Having narrowly escaped within an inch of their lives from the testosterone fuelled and angst ridden grunge rock wars of the nineties, the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby (version 2.0 mark II) began gigging December 1996 with newly acquired drinking buddy and soul brother Leo Mullins assuming bass playing and singing duties...the only surviving elements of the original Dolby trio being a passion for long repetitive cyclic songs; & band members Leif Svensson on guitar and Craig "Skull Mc" Peade beating the drums.

Following contributions to such compiliations as Cop It Sweet (All Hail! King Presser) on Antfarm Records, AuGoGo Records Wonder From A Quarter Acre (Honey Von Catulle & Frida Kahlo) and the release of a 7" inch single on Blind Records (Fist Fit/Wrong Compass), the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby are finally unleashing their debut album El Caballo Rojo - roughly translated in English as "the red horse" - through Half A Cow Records.

single cover Drawing on influences as diverse as documentaries, films and their soundtracks; literature, comics, artists, & "naturallezabella", the band formerly known as the 'Dolby have been tagged by some "desert rock"...the music rises & falls, barely audible vocals whisper desperation, hypnotic cycles of sheer dry noise invade...

El Caballo Rojo was recorded and mixed in just 11 days, between August and November 1998, at Charing Cross Studios by Steve "Fousellini" Foster, with some assistance provided by Matt Maddock. It was mastered by Festival Records legend William Bowden.

album cover Having gigged constantly in Sydney's shrinking and ever increasing shallow poker machine cancer ridden easy money/dollar orientated profiteering venue scene, the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby have recently relocated to Melbourne. They have began to acquire a steady following and look forward to promoting the record extensively mid-year and throughout the second half of 1999 in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and where ever else people will have them!

L - R: the band formerly known as 2 Litre Dolby signing to Half A Cow and receiving the oversized novelty cheque.

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