Half A Cow Records is proud to present their latest signing, Vermishus - a young rock band, fresh out of Sydney's Eastwood. Suburban Parallax is their debut mini-album, which was two years in the making, from that first time Half A Cow put their demo cd in the player (picked out of the mail because the hand-drawn, wobbly-writing, black-and-white photocopied demo cover was so...well, demo-ish) only to be completely blown away by the amazing vocals (can one person really sing so low and so high?), the angsty toughness, and the originality of the songs and the sound. "I like Veruca Salt, Magic Dirt and Fleetwood Mac's Tusk," said Jacinta Perram, the chief songwriter, at the band's first meeting with their prospective record label.

Two years later, Suburban Parallax is ready for release. The sessions, produced by Nic Dalton, capture the vitality of Vermishus at the first stage of their career, making music as if their lives depended on it - with all the urgency and frustration, the untested confidence, the lack of self-consiousness and the seriousness, of pissed-off teenaged girls! - and one boy. That's Naren Hooson, on drums, the lone male member of Vermishus. Then there's Jacinta Perram who writes most of the songs, plays guitar and does backing vocals, Anna Needs on guitar, Liz Eylander on lead vocals and Lizzie Lamb on bass.

Their only previous release was an earlier mix of Amaze Me which appeared on Half A Cow's La Femme, No Homme? compilation.

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