Love & Death

Can-Opened Mind was recorded in November 1997 and is Nic Dalton and John Encarnacao's experimental 50 minute cd - specially commissioned by premier psych label Camera Obscura. Strangely immediate song fragments, loops and ambience, cut-ups, mantras and analogue strangeness...continuing on from Side Four of Godstar's Coastal.

from Camera Obscura Bio:
Love & Death are Australians Nic Dalton and John Encarnacao. We first came across the wonderment that these two musicians were capable of when we heard the little noticed experimental fourth side of the vinyl version of Godstar's Coastal album. "Where the fuck did that come from" soon turned into "when can we have more please", and thence to Can-Opened Mind, commissioned by us at gun-point. In it, they have constructed for us a rather indescribable 50 minute psychedelic collage that runs the gamut from Spence and Early Floyd to elephant 6 territory and back again several times during its baked evolution. Strangely immediate song fragments, loops and ambience, cut-ups and mantras and analog strangeness are seamlessly integrated. Blurred and altering, this is aural psylocybin from the antipodean undermind.

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