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Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater EP hac170d
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A six track EP from Tom Morgan.

Tracks 1 and 2 from a seven inch single originally released in 2001.

From the seven inch press release:

"The Lake Midgeon label proudly presents its maiden releases in the form of a one-sided 7inch single from Smudge frontman and Sneeze cohort, Tom Morgan. With Smudge on hiatus as Alison Galloway travels overseas, Morgan makes his debut on this release, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Joined by Simon Gibson (Half Miler, Sneeze) on drums and Adam Yee (Smudge) on bass, Morgan sheds his slacker pop on Local Knowledge and Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater, playing with a new brand of vigour and enthusiasm, clearly pushed along by Gibson's energetic drumming. Smudge may be gone for the moment but Morgan's characteristically witty and incisive songwriting remains well and truly alive in this release, picking up where Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra (Half A Cow 1998) left off. "

Tracks 3 and 4 from the Live And Direct cd (URA047 Spunk Records) originally released in 2001. Recorded live for Andrew Khedoori's Methodology program on Sydney's 2SER-FM.

From the liner notes:
"Where possible, we asked artists to think about doing their songs in a different way, or perform something their fans may not be familiar with. Tom Morgan was keen to do a session, and when he mentioned he'd been listening to Willie Nelson albums with just spare drums, piano and acoustic guitar, we asked him to record that way."

Tracks 5 and 6 recorded in Gerroa by Tony Dupé during a Halfmiler recording session with Simon Gibson on the drums and Tony Dupé on pump organ.

All songs written by Tom Morgan.

Tom's solo album Orange Syringe available direct from Fire

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