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Half A Cow asked the Triangles to put together a compilation of their recordings. It's a fantastic collection of songs from the Red Panda, Magic Johnson and Seventy-Five Year Plan albums and the Night Lunch EP. You can read all about the Triangles in these liner notes for A Tray Of Cards.

from 2010...
Melbourne's the Triangles take over Spain with their song Applejack (released by Half A Cow in 2005 on their Magic Johnson album) in Estrella Damm's 2010 summer ad. That's the band playing in it. In the last week of May 2010 it was the #1 song on iTunes in Spain (mainstream charts!) and that was even before the ad campaign hit the tv screens, all due to Youtube, the internet and good ol' word of mouth.

And here's a message from the Triangles: "We were initially contacted about this ad campaign in January by Karl from Level Two; we knew him through his old 3RRR show Mousetrap, and he's always been very positive about our songs. None of us expected the proposal would amount to anything but in the end, to our surprise, the Spanish agency people wanted 'Applejack' for the ad... In May the five of us spent a week in Spain, on the beautiful island of Menorca, filming, doing some re-records, and basically enjoying the local hospitality. It was a complete whirlwind, but we're taking things as they come and trying to enjoy ourselves. Ultimately, it's just really nice that people in Spain are enjoying our music."

The Triangles are a five piece band from Melbourne, Australia, who started playing together in 2003. Their style is informed by many types of music including psychedelic pop, guitar based indie rock and 1970s folk. The Triangles independently released two albums of folky experimental pop in 2003 and 2004 before their first major release Magic Johnson came out on the independent Australian label Half A Cow in 2005. Magic Johnson featured a bunch of indie-rock singalongs, including the two singles ‘Applejack’ and ‘Let's Replace The Cityscapes’, which received radio airplay around Australia as well as being featured in MP3 form on numerous music websites around the world. The Triangles’ new album and fourth record overall Seventy-Five Year Plan was released on Half A Cow on the 14th of April 2007. The record reflects the The Triangles’ previously latent interest in country-rock, while maintaining their focus on sweet melodies, unorthodox song structures and inventive arrangements. The Triangles live show is renowned for being filled with energetic stage antics and a lot of yelling, and the band is planning to tour a whole mess of cities around Australia following the release of their new record.


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