The Wild Cherries

That's Life is a compilation of the Wild Cherries - the second '60s band of Lobby Loyde, Australia's first guitar hero and the guy who taught Billy Thorpe to really play.

After he left the Purple Hearts, Lobby Loyde went onto Melbourne's Wild Cherries. By the time Lobby joined, the band had a new line-up comprising of original bassist Les Gilbert now switched to organ, Keith Barber on the drums, Peter Eddey on the bass, and Danny Robinson on lead vocals.

That's Life contains 24 tracks from 1965-68, including 16 previously unreleased. All eight songs from the 1967-68 Festival singles are here, plus unreleased recordings from the original 1965-66 lineup (who never released anything in their day) and a recently discovered 1966 live show. Add 'em up: 16 unreleased tracks! Plus 36 page booklet and never-seen-before pictures.

Hearing all the Festival singles together makes you scratch your head and wonder why these guys didn't make the Australian charts at the time. And in Danny Robinson, you are hearing a world-class soul singer who should have become a household name! It's also interesting that from the all-covers of the Purple Hearts, Lobby Loyde goes on to write this bunch of originals for the Wild Cherries - a feat never repeated again by him in this genre.

When we first started the Purple Hearts / Wild Cherries reissue project we imagined all the Festival singles from both bands compiled onto one CD. Well the Hearts cd turned out full length
and now a recent discovery means the Wild Cherries will also be a monster. Renowned Australian film sound recorder Lloyd Carrick has unearthed one of the first recordings he made on his trusty
Nagra reel to reel recorder. Back in 1966 he set up his recording equipment at the Fat Black Pussycat club in Melbourne and captured a full set by his mates The Wild Cherries!

As you will soon hear the band were on fire with Mal McGee blasting out the lead guitar, John Bastow on screaming vocals, Les Gilbert going mad on his home-made cut down cello bass (that Bill Wyman wanted to buy!) and the late Keith Barber kicking it along on drums. Great sound quality too, as you would expect from Lloyd. This live recording is a major find: a truly rare document of
a mid-60s beat band in their natural environment.

That's Life (hac113) TRACKLISTING

Festival singles 1967-68
1. Krome Plated Yabby
2. Everything I Do Is Wrong
3. That's Life
4. Try Me (I'm Not As Bad As You Think)
5. Gotta Stop Lying
6. Time Killer
7. I Don't Care
8. Theme For A Merry-Go-Round

unreleased recordings 1965-66
9. Without You
10. Coming Home Baby
11. Tobacco Road
12. Worried Blues
13. You Don't Love Me
14. Get Out Of My Life
15. Bye Bye Birdie

Live at the Fat Black Pussycat 1966
16. Without You (version 2)
17. I'm Your Kingpin
18. Mad Man Blues
19. Tobacco Road (version 2)
20. Parchman Farm
21. Smokestack Lightning
22. My Generation
23. Ain't Got You
24. Baby Please Don't Go

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