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The Raylenes may be mostly made up of New Zealanders, but, according to lead singer John Palmer, they could only have formed in Melbourne. Jamie from idyllic holiday getaway the Bay of Islands, John from Auckland, and Nick from a part of the country so rugged and isolated itís still known as the King Country because itís where the Maori King made his final stand in the 19th Century Land Wars. All were drawn to Melbourne for its famous live music scene. This is where they met Katie Jacobs who plays keys and vocals and is the member of the Raylenes not from New Zealand.

The music of the Raylenes is a synthesis of Australian and New Zealand styles Ė Art-school whimsy, Flying Nun jangle and a Líil Chief-style predilection for lush arrangements from NZ served on a bed of the 60s garage rhythm tracks and sing-a-long choruses that Melbourne is renowned for. Upon hearing the album, Half A Cow Records contacted the Raylenes and offered to release the record as soon as possible. Label owner Nic Dalton: "It's a fantastic pop album full of boy/girl vocals, '60s guitar dangin', sweet keyboards with a rockin' backbeat. Sounds right up our alley. Has there ever been a more perfect album to join the HAC stable?"

Let the Wild Rumpus Start wouldn't have been made without Dave Rogers, formerly of Melbourne punk-popsters Klinger and now performing under his own name. "I was playing in Dave's band, The Wellwishers, last year, and it was he that convinced us to get the songs down. I thought we couldn't afford it, but Dave offered his services free of charge. That meant we could drop what cash we had on recording drums and keyboards at Eastern Bloc, and then do the vocals, guitars and percussion with him," says John.

At the beginning of 2006, drummer Jamie Power was headhunted by Sub Pop act The Brunettes for a fifty date tour of the US. Luckily for The Raylenes, the endless driving proved too much for him, and he returned to the fold after the tour ended.

With Let the Wild Rumpus Start all ready for a June 2nd release and the Raylenes done with rehearsing the finely-tuned live set, get ready for a new band to take over the airwaves and fill up the dancehalls.


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