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WE GROW UP will be touring the Eastern States for the very first time, along with good friends, The British Robots in June. They say: We have dubbed this our ‘Stimulus Package tour of the Eastern states’ since we’re paying for with money received from Kevin 07’s recent cash handouts.

Thur 11 June The Empress, Melbourne w/ The British Robots & Institut Polaire
Fri 12 June the Bald Faced Stag, 345 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, Sydney w/ Sneeze, The British Robots
Sat 13 June Clarence Corner Hotel, Brisbane w/ The British Robots
Sat 20 June Rhino Room, Adelaide - w/ The British Robots & The Honey Pies

Night Kitchen (hac135)

"Filled with atmospheric passages, fragile liturgies and surprising chord progressions, We Grow Up's accomplished sound and production on Night Kitchen is an impressively creative calling card akin to Crowded House at their Together Alone peak" - Rip It Up Magazine

"The fact is Night Kitchen is an astonishingly accomplished piece of work, and one that suggests that the band are on equal footing with some of the best songwriters in the country right now" - DB Magazine

This is a real find, this one. An entire album of fully focused and well thought-out pop songs that come straight out of the School of Colourful Whimsies - whose first graduate was the Beatles and last one Darren Hanlon. That might give you a little idea of where We Grow Up are coming from. We Grow Up are a five-piece band from Adelaide who formed in 2006, led by singer-songwriters Jonathan Mortimer and
Anthony Golding. They are joined by bassist Prudence Hart, keyboardist Jakub Tengdahl (who drummed on the album) and new drummer Tom Mackay. The band won a Triple J Unearthed competition in 2007, supported Missy Higgins in their home town and some regular Triple J airplay has helped create greater awareness of the band nationally.

There are so many great tracks on Night Kitchen. Even the more left-field ones, such as 'Fingernails', are incredibly beautiful songs. The band aren't afraid to try something different with the arrangements and the whole thing comes across like a pop merry-go round. Love the extra 'Celia' refrain, the folk-pickings in 'Office Christmas Party' and there are memories of the Rain Parade in 'The Girl Who Threw Her Man Towards The Deep', which has a great little gnarly guitar riff appearing throughout. The final track 'Feathers' is a psychedelic gem, complete with whispery vocals and a great Triffids like melody line.

We Grow Up cite numerous influences, foremost among them Elliott Smith and The Beatles. They often end up sounding like Crowded House, The Lucksmiths and Darren Hanlon, with lyrically driven straightforward pop tunes woven into a fabric of melodic and occasionally skewed instrumentation.

on Saturday 4th October at the Rhino Room in Adelaide
A Half A Cow double header with Melbourne's folk/pop band Khancoban who are launching their new album Limbs May Fall (hac134). Will be a great night!

Friday 10th October
Supporting the New Pornographers and Even at the Gov in Adelaide


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