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Sneeze, Brutals, Wifey, The Falcon & The Jewel, Vegan Mosquitos

Thursday, April 29, 2010 starts 7.30pm finishes around 11:45pm (school night!)
at the Sandringham Hotel, King Street, Newtown

The Brutals THE HONEYMOON PERIOD Album Launch!

One time member of the Brutals, Le Stoltz, will be snipping the ribbon with his new thing Vegan Mosquitos

Next up the wondrous melodies and textures of The Jewel & The Falcon. Sara Kelly of the Red Sun Band and Patrick Matthews of the Vines/Youth Group should have put their voices together a long time ago.

Next is Wifey. Led by Andy Calvert and sounding like a cross between Okkervil River and Dexys Midnight Runners with their melodic sensibilities Wifey are Sydney's alt-country rocker champions.

The Brutals formed in a post-Treetops maelstrom of regeneration and reconciliation (and named after a truly weird Sean Connery Sci Fi) are everything that is right and natural about pop music.

Headlining is Sneeze. Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton, Leticia Nischang and Andy Calvert aren't just gonna play: They is gonna do a party to you!

All this will be happening in the new beautiful, spacious and air conditioned main room of the Sando hotel for a measly tenner. DO THIS!!!!

A while ago two friendly local street scruffians Bjenny Montero and Emmett 'Tropical Snake' Smith formed a jangling folk-rock band by the name of Treetops who went on to a short period of rapid success and equally rapid obscurity. Releasing three critically acclaimed EPs, touring the country numerous times and breaking up and reforming to explore the outer limits of space rock, the group once again fell apart to the usual cliches of onstage fist fights, artistic similarities and near obsessive merry making.

After a decent hiatus, acoustic guitars were spotted once again at various stages of the night jangling chords back and forth around rolling and scribbled verses, kicked into shape middle eights and age-old misguided romantic lyrical advice. From this vantage point, the name of 'The Brutalsí was decided as a suitable new bag handle for catching the late night buzzing, fuzzy song writing and fumbling-with-the-record-button-on-the-tape-deck sessions.

For the next three years, while playing a handful of rare shows, a few stabs were made at capturing an album but sessions were usually discarded, lost or forgotten about all together. This version of the record, (known as The Honeymoon Period) was recorded at Hothouse studios in Melbourne with the help of various musician friends, jet lagged housemates and even folks who just dropped in for the party. The result is a particular bunch of song-jams getting a dreamy colour rich treatment from the sound of a group having fun in the studio with whatever and whomever happened to be laying around. Synths, pianos, bells, strings, effects and softrock harmonies are the bedrock for the whimsically twisted pure pop fantasy of The Honeymoon Period's loving songcraft. The album was recently mastered by Jonathan Burnside at Eastern Bloc studios.

Gerald Wells, Melbourne Korg enthusiast, classically trained vocalist and cosmically minded housemate, brings the master musical flavourings with his melodic bass patterns, keyboards and choir boy back up vocals. This line up is not complete without local sculptor, DJ, bon vivant, peculiar sportsman and wild natural rock drum man Jarrad Kennedy.

Classic indie pop assembled from anything in a stoned arms reach. Discordant inter-relations, late night brain fog warnings, spiritual fast food and bittersweet flashbacks from a cast of down-and-out storybook characters.


Saturday 13 February
Breakfast at Charlie Wongs: The Life & Crimes of The Brutals by Erin McCutcheon. Book Launch
The Empress, Fitzroy North.

Saturday 20 February
Applecore Backyard Festival 2010
Pender Street, Northcote.
Honeymoon Period LP Launch
Ding Dong, Melbourne CBD.

Live "Runaway Hands' January 2010


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