Ruby for Lucy

Great review from the Canberra Times...but really, they should check their titles! Ruby for Lucy, Craig.

Ruby for lucy shows:

ARBORI ALBUM LAUNCH (they are really great - you should totally come)
This Friday, 15th October
From 9:00pm (we're on at 10:30pm)
12 Kellet Street, Potts Point

FOLK YOU CANCER (breast cancer awareness gig, with The Falls & Eirwen Skye)
Wednesday, 20th October
Hotel Hollywood
2 Foster Street, Surry Hills

ANIMALIA (raising money for the Veterinary Science Foundation, with Leo Sayer)
Friday, 22nd October
MacLaurin Hall, University of Sydney

23rd and 24th October
Dorrigo (NSW)

Wednesday, 27th October
From 8:30pm (we're on at 10:00pm)
29 Reiby Place, Circular Quay

THE MERRY MUSE (with Jaq Diamond and The Dubious Pleasures & Your Sweet Disposition)
Friday, 29th October
54 McCaughey St, Turner (ACT)

A message from Ruby for Lucy:

Weird stuff has been happening lately.

For example, we met Nic Dalton and he offered to sign us to his label, Half A Cow Records. And so we said, "Yes please".

And then, Skipping Girl Vinegar wrote us a letter, asking if we would like to join them at their next show. This just happened to be perfect, because we are re-releasing the album (Nic wants his logo on it, heh) and were planning to have a PARTY to celebrate. And so we said, "Yes please".

And then we thought we'd better tell you about the gig super-early, because the last Skipping Girl Vinegar show was SOLD OUT (and it wouldn't be much fun if none of our friends could come along to our very own party). So we hope you say, "Yes please" to:

Saturday, 11th September
Raval - 42 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills, NSW

Weird stuff has been happening lately.

Splendid day,

Ruby for Lucy xxx

One day, Ruby for Lucy met, and things were different.

Words became notes, became stories, became a music box – so they both moved in and took to dancing in frilly skirts, forgetting where they had lived before.

Friends who come to visit say, “Their songs are just like pictures”. With two guitars and shiny voices, Ruby for Lucy paint almost every day. The Gardener pops in now and again. The three of them go fishing, take cooking lessons, and occasionally holidays – to stages where they sing their songs, make new friends, and wait for you to arrive.

Catching Bream out 21st August 2010 (also available now on iTunes and Bandcamp).
Sydney duo, Ruby for Lucy (Julie Stenton and Kat Borghetti), are backed by their delightful double bassist and drummer on their debut, nine-track mini-album.


Half A Cow
Half A Cow Records
PO Box 1100 STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012 Australia
Email: haclabel(at)
Phone: +61-2-8097 5857
ABN 93 300 971 980