Love Parade

Nathan and James met at University in Newcastle where they were passing time fucking about with video cameras under the guise of a communications degree, when one day they needed to make a video clip as part of an assignment. Faced with the alarming prospect of making a clip for a boring diet-grunge band whose reference points begun and ended with Pearl Jam's Ten, they quickly recruited James' brother Ben, drafted in a non-drummer whose brother had drums, and shot a video for a song - well before they had thought of booking a gig, or pressing t-shirts and tea-towels.

After spending a few years sharing stages with mis-matched pub-rock bands in Newcastle, going through more drummers than Spinal Tap, enjoying regular rotation on Australian music shows and channels [RAGE and that], and being courted, signed to and dropped by a Californian-based indie label without releasing a second of music, they relocated their focus to Sydney, self-recorded an EP and started playing regularly.

The result is six tracks that run the gauntlet from psychedelic pop to psychedelic surf-pop- with brief excursions in psychedelic-shoegazey,glo-fi,lo-fi, dream poppy, chill-wave. The debut album will be out in summer.

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