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Sierra Fin are ecstatic to announce the release of their debut album, Cautionary Tale of the Beautiful Blackout.

It was 2009 when Sierra Fin started work on what would become Cautionary Tale of the Beautiful Blackout. Each member being a self-confessed lover of albums as albums, as opposed to just a collection of songs, they set out to do just that, create an album intended be played as a complete work.

In an unprecedented and audacious move by an independent Australian artist on debut, Sierra Fin enlisted a full symphony orchestra as accompaniment for the albumís entirety.

Proudly dubbed the Sierra Fin Symphony Orchestra, they complement the band adding layers of texture whilst allowing the band itself to drive the album. The Orchestra provides both the tension and beauty that a story such as this requires.

To help achieve the mammoth task, the band recruited ARIA award winning producer Paul McKercher, whose championing of the project led to the band believing it was possible. This was further aided when renowned Australian conductor Guy Noble heartily agreed to conduct, and later helped handpick the orchestra from some of Australiaís finest musicians.

And so, with over six months of preparation, four of which singer-songwriter Russ Tainton spent
orchestrating the album, Cautionary Tale of the Beautiful Blackout was recorded in a mere five days, with a further eight days to mix the vast quantity of instruments.

At their album launches expect to see the album performed from start to finish with members of the Sierra Fin Symphony Orchestra.

"Sometimes big ideas can deliver big results." - RAVE MAGAZINE

Tour Dates are:
12th May @ Notes, Sydney
26th May @ Bennetts Lane, Melbourne
27th May @ The Old Museum, Brisbane

Tickets for Sydney show available at Notes

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Free download of Lost Man's Lie available here

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