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Adele&Glenn, proud ex-Brisbanites, are true pop stars. They play original pop music effortlessly and are a joy to watch. Locked away in a small studio in deepest Marrickville, surrounded by carefully collected instruments old and new, and a specially modified microphone plugged into a box with valves in it, they have pieced together an album of depth and beauty.

Throughout the windy winter days and dark nights on the outskirts of inner-western Sydney, Australia in 2011, Adele Pickvance and Glenn Thompson patiently knitted pure-as-glass melodies to keenly observed lyrics from a modern Australian city life. Add to that, the sometimes rich and royal, other times factory-empty instrumentation and harmonies, and we are left with a sleeping giant of an album, called Carrington Street.

Adele&Glenn united to perform their own material after a history of playing with some of Australia’s most well loved and iconic musicians. They first met in a practice room in Brisbane to accompany Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens during his enigmatic solo career. And in each other, they found a good friend, and an inspiring stage and studio accomplice. Later Adele joined the Dave Graney Show and Glenn was a member of Custard, and both of them are remembered for being the backbone of the reformed Go-Betweens from 2000 until 2006.


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