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OUT AUGUST 21st 2015

Half A Cow is extremely excited to release the second album by Melbourne's Wilding. CD, download and ltd ed. vinyl. Take your pick! You can pre~order the album at Wilding's Pozible page.

An exceptional follow-up to his 2012 debut, Wilding's new album Molecules To Moons is a joyous collection of infectious odd-pop, foppish Abbey Road psychedelia and beautifully dreamy balladry. It's a must listen for fans of The Beach Boys, Blur, The Kinks and The Flaming Lips.

Wilding is the project of Melbourne songwriter and UK ex-pat Justin Wilding Stokes. Originally from Liverpool, he moved to Australia to live with his maternal grandmother, yet it's clear that his hometown left an indelible mark on his music - at Molecules To Moons' heart is unashamedly British-flavoured pop.

Infectious upbeat tracks, like Missing Her and Monkey House, feel like a carousel ride of sky-high horns and outrageous fuzz guitars. Beautiful Bacharach-pop ballads, like Deep River and Stuck In The Middle, float on a slipstream of hypnotic rhythms, wobbly synths, yearning piano and melancholic trumpet.

Last year, Wilding collaborated with Cian Ciarán from Welsh band Super Furry Animals as Ciarán and Wilding for a UK release on the band’s own label Strangetown Records. The reworked Wilding-penned track, Missing Her was named as one of BBC Radio Wales' tracks of 2014. Wilding played with Gruff Rhys earlier this year.

Available through Half A Cow Records/MGM, Molecules to Moons is the expression of a songwriter nearing his creative peak – inventive, playful and accomplished.

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And then there was the first album by Wilding called Bird's Bread available on iTunes

It’s common to view the late '60s through the distorted lens of the baby boomer generation’s historical revisionism. Street marches, libertarian sexual philosophy, political agitation, Nehru jackets and the rest. The reality is far more complex – why, for example, did Nixon win the presidency in 1968, John Gorton triumph in 1969 and Engelbert Humperdinck out sell Jimi Hendrix – but the mythology makes for much better pop culture. Wilding’s debut album Bird’s Bread is bristling with the alleged optimism of yore. Take opening track I’ll Be There: the country village whimsy of John Lennon with a delightfully inebriated Ringo Starr at his heel. Or The Kinks wide-eyed wonder of Pale Blue Eyes, or even the psychedelic pop-love of Burning Up Inside? She’s A Casual User takes to the dusty plains with an arm full of Gram Parsons records and a dose of mescalin and has the best time, ever; the sadness of The Day I Let You Pass Me By is as soft as the proverbial baby’s backside. The kaleidoscopic comic edge of I’ll Love You Until Monday Morning would bring a smile to any Brill Building songwriter, Alopecia is dirty in a nice-boy sort of way, Are You Listening? and Lost Afternoon are two aspects of the moment of solitude Brian Wilson spent years subconsciously wallowing in. Yet it’s a fundamental mistake to see Wilding as either indulging or labouring the retro-psych-pop thing. Stripped of the labelling and gratuitous historical associations, Bird’s Bread is a seriously good pop record. And that is all that counts. - Patrick Emery, Beat mag

Here are some more reviews:
‘The musical love child of the modern day hipster and The Beatles’ –Tone Deaf 8/10

‘... seemingly beamed in from The Beach Boys’ Smile sessions’ – Rave Magazine 4/5 stars

‘It’s a glorious collection of sometimes odd, and mostly endearing, harmonies, found instruments, sweeping melodies’ – The Weekend Australian 4/5 stars

‘... full of nuance between delight and melancholy’ –The Age 4/5 stars
‘It balances wistful songwriting and out-of-the-blue experimentation perfectly’ – Mess and Noise


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