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CLAIRE BIRCHALL AND THE PHANTOM HITCHHIKERS All That Matters (it's Christmas time) via544
1. All That Matters (it's Christmas time)
2. Take it easy Maryjane (high voltage version)
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A stand-alone Christmas single from Claire Birchall and the Phantom Hitchhikers (Pete Azzopardi, Bec Birchall, Jarrod Brown, Matt Green) on the Night Owl label.

It’s a rocking stocking-stuffer; all jangly-chord soul with sleigh-sled percussion that joins the rare ranks of secular holiday songs that don't stink.

Heathens beware though: it's for ye faithful of Yuletide spirit. Strip the crass commercialism and formalities and you're left with the ones you love, day drunkenness, stereo sing-a-longs and familial infighting. "Come on, join in", shouts Claire in a euphoric declaration of togetherness, underlined by her trademark Mascis-saturated licks before the band sends it to transcendent backing-vocal Valhalla.

The Xmas spirits bestowed the seeds of the song upon Claire in a dream, who awoke from her slumber lunging for a guitar, pen and paper to frantically complete the Xmas miracle before it faded to obscurity. The finished product was then festively bedecked in rock goodness by The Phantom Hitchhikers, her backing band consisting of members of The Happy Lonesome, The Coves and Paper Planes.

Get the single roast-hot as it won't be on the debut Hitchhiker's album when it lands 2017!

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Electricity (via525)
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According to Mess and Noise, Claire Birchall is “a genuinely brilliant songwriter who should be lauded more frequently”. She has so far released 4 incredibly diverse albums, including one by her full-tilt rock band Paper Planes (2008 Paper Planes). A talented multi-instrumentalist and DIY enthusiast, Claire self-records, mixes, and plays the majority of the instruments on all of her solo albums.

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