Conrad Greenleaf

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Shimmering Twins hac183d
A (mostly) ambient album from Conrad "Richard In Your Mind" Greenleaf. Grab a pillow and find a shady tree and lay down on a bed of leaves and relax!
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Modern Emotions hac182d
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Modern Emotions is the 2nd album but first with proper songs from Richard In Your Mind multi-instrumentalist Conrad Greenleaf. He wrote and performed everything himself and it's mostly recorded on a Tascam cassette 4-track. Think lo-fi classics like early Beck, Ween, the Love Positions and Guided by Voices.

What they've been saying:

'I don't listen to many new bands these days, but when I do, I only listen to Conrad Greenleaf. He's the only one out there who's music really matters these days!' - Matthew J Tow

'Richard In Your Mind's Conrad GreenLeaf releases a rambling record of country-synth-psych-folk-MOR which is united by its deadpan humour. Featuring enervated delivery of lines such as "Conrad's back to save Australian music, once again". It's hard not to smile and wish him well on his mission. Go you good thing.' – Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ Brisbane

'Another solo outing from the Richard in Your Mind camp, Conrad Greenleaf has released not just a single, but a whole album! Modern Emotions didn’t receive a lot of fanfare when it was released a few weeks back, and that’s a crock of shit, because this album is paradise. Pina-colada, Kirk Hammet-as-your-butler, John Belushi-as-your-best-friend paradise. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on this album, a real platter: you’ve got tongue-in-cheek songs you can bring to yoga (“Conrad’s Back”, “Soundguy”), weird instrumentals from the strangest parts of the galaxy (“The Riff”, “Positive Feeling Pt. 1 & 2”) and “My Oporto Baby”, which is a track that should be thrown up next to The Castle and Gough Whitlam’s sculling abilities as national treasures that the rest of the world wouldn’t understand.' - Ryan Saar, Soundly Sounds (

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