The Hotpoints

The Hotpoints/Modern Bombers split 7" moo14
A: The Hotpoints: Crosswires / B: Modern Bombers: Gotcha!
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In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, The Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth for a couple of shows. Rather than playing a solo set, Nic asked Adem to put together a rockin’ band and they’d play a selection of songs from Nic’s back pages. With the City Views’ Dave Wallace on the bass and Mark Eaton on drums (along with Adem on keys and guitar), Nic (on lead vocals and guitar) dubbed the band the Western Gloomees (soon to be The Modern Bombers!), and they played songs originally performed by the Plunderers, Godstar, Love Positions and Nic’s current acts, the Gloomchasers and Chewee.

They performed a ‘new’ song called “Gotcha!” and Nic expressed interest in recording this song, plus a version of the Plunderers “Believe Me” with the Western Gloomees, putting the finished product out as a single. Whilst spending some time in Adem’s backyard, Nic and Adem started chatting about their mutual love of Brian Eno’s song based albums of the mid 70s. This led onto a new song being penned called “Crosswires” and then a handful of other songs (not inspired by Eno). In two days, there were nine songs to record! They dubbed this new band: The Hotpoints. Before heading back to Sydney, Nic put down all his parts to the songs and left in the safe knowledge that Adem would weave his magic around them.

Here is the first fruit from that collaborative East Meets West tree. A split single from The Hotpoints (“Crosswires”) and Modern Bombers (“Gotcha!). The studio version of the band, now also included Perth musicians Em Burrows on piano and Dee Kerimofski on backing vocals.

The Hotpoints will be releasing their mini-album before the end of the year and Modern Bombers will have their version of “Believe Me” available digitally in the next couple of months.

Nic Dalton: Vocals, Guitar, Loops / Adem K: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals / Laurie Sinagra: Keyboards. Recorded by Adem K at The Future Ranch. Mixed and Mastered by Laurie Sinagra at Squarejaw



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