The Couchland Frontier via528

With a mutual love of Alt-Country and Americana, Spokaine formed in Perth in 2000. In their short time together Jeff Baker (Rainyard, Mars Bastards), Chris Havercroft (Showbag!), Simone Hagemann (Apartment 99) and Tim Armati crafted a sound described as "reminiscent of the slo-mo aesthetic of Spain and Acetone".

They played a handful of shows including the Second Annual Harvest Festival and supports for Darren Hanlon, Sneeze and Joe Pernice which garnered them several WAMI Award Nominations including Best Country Act. They released two EPs - Spokaine and Couchland Frontier before disbanding in 2002.

These songs were recorded by Simon Struthers in 2001 featuring the dual songwriting and vocal talents of Jeff Baker and Simone Hagemann. Half A Cow asked Spokaine to compile their two EPs in 2015. A collection of nine tales of heartbreak and longing rounded out by their seminal tune "Beat-Up" described as "the ultimate top down cruising song".


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