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It’s taken Tom and Rob four years, five babies and a wide selection of perfectly cooked oven pizzas to record ten songs. The fruits of their efforts collected in one album: Two Drink Maximum, a wildly exciting tribute to a sensible night in.

Click here to see it biggerPerched precariously between snot-encrusted rocking horses and My Little Pony that won’t switch off, The France have shaped a batch of kitchen sink dramas that hark back to their CD-littered bedrooms of the nineties.
Delve into the record and you’ll discover heart-breaking odes to uneven breasts (‘The 51st Way to Leave Your Lover’), cautionary tales on the evils of Lemsip addiction (‘Domestic Drugs’) and an aching paean to Rob’s remarkably durable anorak (‘My Regatta’).

Recorded over the course of a year at Spacewolf Recording Studio in Wells, with a rotating cast of drummers (Chris Ward) and saint-like producer, Luke Stidson, Two Drink Maximum is a universal album for every self-doubting 35-year-old in West Wiltshire.

Viva la France.

Tom Brown: Vocals, Guitar
Rob Fawkes: Guitar, Bass, Thigh Slaps

Chris Ward: Drums (Tracks 1-9)
Adam Killip: Guitar, BVs (Tracks 1,2,4 & 6)
Songs by Tom. Music by Rural France.
Produced by Luke Stidson and Rural France. Recorded and mixed by Luke Stidson at Spacewolf. Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering.
Photography: Tom Shenton
Design: Rob Lewis


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