Pip Proud discography


released September 2009

1. De De De Dum
2. Eagle-wise
3. She Dwindles Her Fingers
4. Purple Boy Gang
5. Nancy
6. Latin Version
7. Marie
8. The Tennis Player
9. French Girls
10. Sounds
11. Adrenaline And Richard
12. She Says To Me
13. An Old Servant
14. Hey Sue
15. We Crossed The Atlantic
16. When Each Descends
17. A Fraying Space
18. Into Elizabeth's Eyes
19. There Was Melancholy
20. Vida
21. A Bird In The Engine
22. Empty

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Eagle-Wise is a compilation of his LP's A Bird In The Engine and Adreneline and Richard, both albums that were originally released in 1968 and 1969 and incredibly hard to find now. Booklet written by David Nichols (Go-Betweens biographer and ex-drummer from Cannanes) who was the driving force behind the re-discovery of Pip Proud and helped Half A Cow with the release of this cd.

Cd deleted.

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