Banana Smoothie Honey double CD

released November 2000

Record One:
1. I Didn't Even See Them At All
2. Sarah's Not Falling In Love
3. Christo
4. Home Movie
5. Cheerleader
6. Peggy
7. Clean Hands
8. Trouble Stuck
9. Sad Girl
10. Lonely
11. Eye To Eye
12. Eskimo
13. Take A Ride
14. And So The Story Goes

Record Two:
1. The Shining
2. Slide Show
3. Fade
4. Eskimo 2
5. Filthy (slow)

A Half A Cow "Classic Reissue"

Double CD - all the seven and ten inches from Stevie Plunder, Nic Dalton and Geoff Milne

How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp?

released February 2018

1. How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp?
2. 1. How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp? (electric)
3. Filthy (flanged)

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Strange Affection/Into The Ice 7"

released January 1985

side 1: Into The Ice

side 2: Strange Affection

The Plunderers debut single on their own label, recorded at Trafalgar Studio, Annandale 1985.

Half A Cow cassette (1986)

released June 2017

Tomorrow Never Knows
Good To Me
St James Infirmary
'69 Cherry
Last Time
My Funny Valentine
Stephanie Says
My Boy Lollipop
Love Is A Wonderful Thing
Jailhouse Rock
End The End
Just Like Honey
Where Are You?
She Loves Me
Jet Set Joe
Fun Fun Fun
Coconut Grove
Yankee Trash

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