Listen To The Radio

released November 2003

1. Intro
2. Get Up
3. Capricorn
4. Good Afternoon
5. Enough Said
6. Junior
7. Abraham Lincoln
8. Travesty
9. Baby Grand
10. A Bad Case Of The Wilsons
11. Take Your Bow

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The Smallgoods' anticipated debut album Listen To The Radio. The album is a celebration of the airwaves. It skips along like your favourite radio station where every song is one you want to hear. 'Good Afternoon' was released as a promo single and instantly earned Melbourne and interstate community radio airplay. It has also made its way to a national audience through Triple J rotation.

The album demonstrates a high level of song crafting with an emphasis on melodies and harmonies. Testament to this is Melbourne's Inpress magazine bestowing Single of the Week status upon the song 'Abraham Lincoln', which appeared on a split 7" shared with New Yorkers, The Essex Green. The single was released as part of the Singles Club collective, through Low Transit Industries.

Listen To The Radio was recorded over 2 years with the help of Melbourne producer, musician and all-round good guy Paul Thomas. Paul has been in bands such as The Huxton Creepers, Weddings Parties Anything and Custard, and recorded Tim Oxley's stunning debut album, It's All About Love.

Buckle up 'cause you're in for a meandering ride along the Smallgoods psychedelic pop highway in the sunshine with the top down, listenin' to the radio!

This Is The Show

released August 2004

1. This Is The Show
2. Round And Around
3. Who's Never Seen The Sun?
4. Spending The Morning
5. 8 Times
6. This City's Lights
7. This Is The Reprise

Buy the new Smallgoods album from Half A Cow and get either Listen To The Radio
or This Is The Show
for only $5 each

The players, in order of appearance:

Shags - synthesisers, keyboards
Ben Mason - singing, guitars, bells
Gus Franklin - singing, drums, tambourines
Lachlan Franklin - singing, guitars, whistles
B.B - bass guitar, grand piano

additional players:
Ashley Naylor - improvisational guitar (This Is The Show/Reprise), best boy
Paul Thomas - guitar, recording engineer, stage manager

This Is The Show is a journey of styles ranging from psychedelic wig-out rock, to wall-of-sound
Spector pop, to synth-driven drone expeditions
tied together by the Smallgoods' trademark
sing-along 3 part harmonies. Book-ended by the
mini-album's title track, the Show plays like a
stage musical number, complete with
over-zealous man-choir and shonky local theatre
style piano.

the programme

Act 1. This Is The Show - Good evening! Please
find your seats, and sit back as Gus welcomes
you all to the show! Even's Ashley Naylor pops
in briefly then realises he's on the wrong stage.
Things get nasty and a guitar duel ensues
between he and Ben. And keeps ensuing...

Act 2. Round and Around - Ben takes us on the rock-roundabout as the Show gets underway.
Shags flexes his slacker-synth muscles and
Gus plays his type-cast role of the girl.

Act 3. Who's Never Seen The Sun? - B.B sets
the mood and is joined by Shags, whose synth
gets set to drone. Lachy asks the pressing questions of the audience.

Act 4. Spending the Morning - The Smallgoods
go to the beach. Spector is recalled, castanets
rattle and Lachy lends the melancholy melody
while Gus and Ben sing along.

Act 5. 8 Times - The quiet lovelorn ballad every theatre production requires in order to be a
Broadway hit. Gus pulls the heart-strings while
Ben plucks the guitar strings. Please find
complimentary tissues under your seats.

Finale. This City's Lights - All the Lights, smoke
machines and special effects come out for this finale. Ben takes us to rock city. The lights
come on and just before things get shimmery
the audience is eased into a spacious
smoke-filled wig-out.

The Reprise... Just when you think the show is over, the curtains open again, and we find the guitar duel still ensuing. Shags takes one
mighty walk down his keyboard and puts an end to the titanic struggle. The players take their
bows, graciously accept their flowers and
standing ovation, and disappear from the stage...

Down On The Farm

released August 2007

1. Intro
2. Sadness and the City
3. Driving Song
4. Traipse Through the Valley
5. 100 Red Buttons
6. Campfire Song
7. Willow Tree
8. Jeune du Fille
9. No-one's Listening to My Baby
10. Now I See the Stars
11. City Full of Sky
12. Home Song
13. South of the River
14. You Got a Friend

Buy the new Smallgoods album from Half A Cow and get either Listen To The Radio
or This Is The Show
for only $5 each

The third and most ambitious Smallgoods album to date, Down on the Farm offers an escape from hectic city life by finding solace in the country through jaunty folk songs, eerie spacious epics, dark ballads and gentle psychedelia, whilst not completely belying their harmony-laden Byrds-esque pop roots. First single 'Traipse Through the Valley' is a dark, misty psych-folk ramble that recalls Simon and Garfunkle on some weird shrooms, and has been picking up favourable reviews in the press as well as Triple J and community radio airplay.

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