Secret Techniques

released January 1999

1. Miss You (Faraway Eyes)
2. Do The Slam
3. The Quiet Room
4. Sweet Corn (Part One)
5. Run To Me
6. What Have I Got To Lose
7. End Of A Summers Day
8. Jonathan Never Took Me To The Dairy Joy (Lemonheads live)

Nic took time out early 1998 to record in Boston with his old friends Hilken and Winston from Fuzzy, along with Fuzzy's new drummer Nate. Nic and Hilken wrote the first song "Miss You (Faraway Eyes)" and got so excited by it that they decided to book a day at Super Sonic studio (a 16 track 2 inch machine, the very best analogue recording quality). Apart from two songs recorded with The Lyresı Jeff Conolly (which will be released as the Booster Valves in February 2003 on a seven inch - moo12) the entire session in early April 1998 is here. Plus some. "Do The Slam" is a song Nic used to do in The Plunderers and was co-written with their old manager Stephen Pavlovic around 1987 and recorded here for the first time. "The Quiet Room" is a song Nic had written in 1987 and was finally put together at the session with the Fuzzy guys. It's a true story based on US metal shows in the mid-Eighties where they would have a room set aside for the parents to wait in while the kids banged their heads. "Sweet Corn (Part One)" was recorded across two oceans - the music in late 1994 (with help from Shane Sidewinder, Simon and Robyn Hummingbird and that's their son Milo banging away on a triangle) and the vocals in late 1998 by Hilken and Winston.

Girls With Money can be seen as a continuation of the Godstar records with the wide variety of styles and different musicians flying the flag for pop music. This is no more evident than on the fifth track, a cover of The Bee Gees "Run To Me", a favourite song of Nic's ever since it's release when his father brought home a copy of the 7 inch and seeing the band play the tune on the old black & white music show GTK. Tom Morgan and Shane from Sidewinder help supply the musical background while the brothers' Bernie and Pat Hayes join Nic with the vocals. This song was actually going to be the final Godstar release in 1996 but was shelved...until it found its home here. This segues very well with "What Have I Got To Lose?" which is a recording Nic did when living in Melbourne in early 1986 and then Justin Credible added the vocals in Annandale in 1988 - the first recording session of the future Whopping Big Naughty Star.

"End Of A Summers Day" is the most recent recording and shows the more experimental side of GW$. The final track is an early live version of The Kombi Nation's "Jonathan Never Took Me To The Dairy Joy" (b-side to Blind 7 inch) performed by the Lemonheads to bringing it around full circle to the beginning it was co-written with ex-Fuzzy drummer David Ryan. Nic, Winston and Hilken then sat around for a few weeks trying to give all this a band name. Girls with Money (or affectionately known as GW$ - looks good on toilet walls) was chosen and is a tribute to Nic's first band in Canberra in the eye-liner early eighties.

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