Early Days

released January 2000

1. Title Fight: Heart v Mind
2. Beta Losers
3. Don't Want To Pay
4. She Cuts Hair
5. Magazine Theory
6. Video Store
7. Falling Aeroplanes

Darren is a former member of Lismore outfit The Simpletons and this is his debut release. Part folk, part pop and always heartfelt. Also available is Darren's debut album Hello Stranger.

Hello Stranger

released January 2002


1. Hiccups
2. The Kickstand Song
3. That's How I Knew
4. He Misses You Too, You Know
5. Operator...Get Me Sweden
6. Security Leak
7. Cast Of Thousands
8. Punk's Not Dead
9. Cheat The Future
10. The Last Night Of Not Knowing You


The much anticipated debut album from Sydney's banjo-pickin' bard of great storytelling - often funny, sometimes sad - that fans of Jonathan Richman and early Billy Bragg will enjoy.

Little Chills

released June 2006

1. Wrong Turn
2. A To Z
3. Ends Of The City
4. I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You
5. The Unmade Bed
6. Winter Takes Fall
7. (There's Not Enough Songs About) Squash
8. Service Station
9. Brooklyn Bridge
10. Record Store

Another fantastic Darren Hanlon album - we reckon it's his best!

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