In Dreams I Live

released January 2000


1. Pay
2. In Dreams I Live
3. Waiting, Wanting, Holding
4. The Ballad Of Francis Piper
5. Come Over Sunday
6. Ride The Darkness
7. Leaves
8. For The First Time
9. Sixteen
10. Arrendlezgye
11. All Those Crazy Songs


Second solo album from ex-Clouds and Dearhunters singer/songwriter featuring the usual crew of Greg Hitchcock, Tim Oxley and Raph Whittingham.

Lounge O Sound

released January 1996


1. Smile
2. Ghost Waltz
3. Long Grain
4. Galaction
6. A Few Moments With Greg
7. SLO
8. My Own Arms
9. Cupid
10. Protest Song
11. In Her Wake
12. A Prayer


Jodi Phillis' first outing after the demise of The Clouds with help from Greg Hitchcock, Paul McKercher, Tim Oxley, Suzie Higgie and many more. Originally released by Red Eye. A great pop album to be filed under cruisy and cool.

For Lovers, Artists And Dreamers

released January 2003

1. Portobello Road
2. Falls St
3. Stranded
4. Little Sips
5. Greed Versus Humanity
6. A Universe
7. You've No Idea
8. Ivy's Song
9. White Beanie
10. Lazy River
11. The Pier
12. True To Yourself

The wonderful Jodi Phillis returns with her most selfassured and cohesive album yet with For Lovers, Artists and Dreamers. A deeply personal album featuring Jodi's (Clouds, The Dearhunters) amazing voice wrapped around interesting and elaborate melodies which have been a signature of her songwriting career. The stripped back, sparse album explores many themes close to Jodi's heart including relationships, travel and motherhood. This album is the follow-up to the successful ARIA nominated In Dreams I Live.

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