It's All About Love

released January 2002

1. House Husband
2. Love Desperado
3. Song Of Sorrow
4. Are You My Friend
5. Fishing Song
6. Jezzabelle
7. Hey Watchya Doin Today?
8. Weeping In Love
9. Jive Dooli
10. Too Watch The Earth From The Moon
11. Gypsy Boy
12. Lonely Boys

Tim Oxley, singer-songwriter troubadour and high plains drifter has presented a heartfelt collection of delicate melodies on his debut solo album It's All About Love... and thatıs exactly what it is, a collection of 12 beautiful, gorgeous melodies all about love.

A member of the same family which gave Oz-rock the Sunnyboys in the 80's and jazz vocalist Melanie Oxley in the 90's, Tim has made a musical journey of his own in the past decade. From the pop world of the Humdingers, he moved to the post-grunge Red Eye rock of the Verys, and then on again when he became tired of turning the amps up to 11. He ended the Verys to pursue his true love of sweet sad slow love songs and he hasn't looked back since.

This ambition was first explored when he formed The Dearhunters with Jodi Phillis, Raph Whittingham (Clouds) and Greg Hitchcock (ex-You Am I, Monarchs) to record the wonderful Red, Wine and Blue album. From there, Tim teamed up with friend Trent McNamara to form the close-harmony country pop group Grandview.

After playing in several bands over the last decade Tim has decided to make a musical journey on his own. It's All About Love is a solo work in every sense. Tim harmonises with himself here, the doubled voices blending to create an instrument in their own right. While underpinning the melody, Tim also recorded drums, bass and guitar that give the album its backbone.

'This touching album of simply hearftfelt tunes is no surprise to those familiar with Oxley's Dearhunters and Grandview pursuits. This solo set is sweetly affecting; the acoustic/keys atmospheres unfold intimately around Oxley's versatile voice. From the John Lennon-esque piano ballad Love Desperado to the Elliott Smith-like Song Of Sorrow, and at times accompanied by gentle strings, this is...lovely.' 8 out of 10
-Bronwyn Thompson, Juice Magazine

'It has been a long time between Oxleys (siblings Jeremy and Peter shot to Sunnyboys fame in the 1980s: Melanie is a jazz scene stalwart) but 2002 may prove to be Tim's turn on centre stage. Oxley has produced a solo debut that is sweet and intimate, from the cute cover graphics to the tales of love and innocent pleasures inside. It's disconcerting to open with a track about cooking dinner (House Husband) followed by a gorgeuosly melancholic song about wanting a hug from a bear (Love Desperado). Song Of Sorrow, with its dramatic cello, is a more arresting diversion from the overall mellow, organic feel (the latter half of the album could have used another such moment). Oxley's warm, melodic tones and songwriting style are reminiscent of Elliot Smith and Simon & Garfunkel - thoughtful, gentle and easy on the ear.'
Sandra Bridekirk, The Australian ***1/2 out 5

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