released January 2002

1. Camera Shy
2. The Sandringham Line
3. Take This Lying Down
4. Midweek Midmorning
5. The Perfect Crime
6. What You'll Miss
7. There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out
8. What Passes For Silence
9. Stayaway Stars
10. Sleep Well
11. The Shipwreck Coast

"Naturaliste is The Lucksmiths' fifth studio album and its release coincides with the Melbourne band's 10 year anniversary. It is fitting then that the album returns them to a more stripped back sound, compared to the more lush sounds of their last studio album Why That Doesn't Surprise Me. All three Lucksmiths contribute songs to this album, with bassist Mark Monnone and guitarist Marty Donald contributing the bulk of the tracks. Drummer and lead vocalist, Tali White is effortless in lending his voice to whatever story there is to be told; whether it be singing about road trips, being in love, first fights or cliff top cemeteries. It does not get any better than this in pop music. The opening song 'Camera Shy' is identifiably The Lucksmiths - the jangle of the guitar, the tight rhythm section, and the deftly crafted lyrics: "In the foreground are my friends/ grinning madly at the lens/ they look heliolithic." The next song, 'The Sandringham Line' meanders through the Melbourne suburbs with the hypnotic train-like rhythm of White's drumming and Monnone's bass. Eva Sommerfeld (from Melbourne band The Foots) shares the vocals with White on this track. 'Stayaway Stars' - features touring Canadian buddies, The Salteens, and Sarah Lockwood on backing vocals. 'There Is A Boy Who Never Goes Out' is a short song with a long title and it is book-ended between the melancholy of 'What You'll Miss' and 'What Passes For Silence'. The Lucksmiths have the knack for putting together the perfect pop song and unfortunately or fortunately - it is incredibly hard to pick a stand-out track. Any of the songs on Naturaliste could be taken as the stand-out track. Any of the aforementioned songs could easily be one but 'The Sandringham Line' is definitely up there, as is the brighter 'Sleep Well'. Then there is the first single 'Midweek Midmorning'S My only complaint is that the recording just does not capture what The Lucksmiths are like live. Having heard the songs a couple of times in a live setting, 'Naturaliste' in comparison is a tad subdued. The remedy? Go and see them play before they head off for yet another overseas tour mid-year." - Lucinda, OMP

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