What's The Matter, Baby?

released January 2002

1. Tidal River
2. Treatin' You Alright
3. Castaway
4. What's The Deal?
5. (B)rain For You
6. Feel It!

Filled to the brim with incredibly catchy pop tunes. The record of the year!

from the press release: Debut six tracker from Melbourne's brightest young sparks, this one's full of of sun-drenched harmonies and chiming guitars, and tunes that will surgically implant themselves in your head and plaster a permanent smile to your face.

The sound of the debut release by this Melbourne band is best summed up in the opening line of their press release, describing it as "harmony and melody acid-inspired pop and summer-of-love California beach'n'desert sounds." To make it even more acceptable, for those who don't remember the summer of love, I'd also add that the overall experience isn't too far from something like the Cosmic Rough Riders playing distinctively British sounding indie pop from mid-to-end 80s, and also adding a bit of their almost-national heritage in the shape of some melancholic chills in the opener Tidal River, where you'll also find traces of Evan Dando's most mellower moments. You get the same soft-sounding, half-acoustic aproach in Treatin You Alright, which will make your head spinning in 'cyrkles' as well as in the 12-string jangle of (B)rain For You. In the rest of the songs (Castaway, What's the Deal? and Feel It!) they turn the guitar volume up a bit, but still keep the harmony aspect on the highest level. There are several possible directions to where the Treetops might go with their (supposedly) longplaying follow up, and wherever that might be, I just can't wait to follow. - Goran Obradovic, POPISM #157


released January 2003

1. Ballad Of Werewolf
2. God Of Love
3. Everything Is !!Tonight!!
4. Jenny
5. Wild Mountain Air
6. Lionheart

Second six tracker from Melbourne's Treetops

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