released January 2002

1. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
2. Stull (Pt. 1)
3. Stitches
4. What's This Generation Coming To?
5. (Now That's) The Barclords
6. Goodbye To Guyville

Reissue of the classic Fire Records mini-LP which included the band's startling cover of Neil Diamond's 'Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon', which became a chart hit in 1994 as a result of its use in Quentin Taratino's Pulp Fiction. Also includes 2 tracks that were originally only available on limited edition Sub Pop Singles Club 45's. Stull was included in SPIN's '20 Best Albums of the Year' in 1992.

It's not the full-throttle rock masterpiece that Supersonic Storybook suggested, but the Stull EP is almost as remarkable. Opening with a straight cover of Neil Diamond's 'Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon' (which fits Urge Overkill's image perfectly), the EP is an atmospheric guitar workout. While 'Stitches' is a salute to their punk roots, the most impressive moments come during the stylish kiss-off to indie-rock 'Goodbye To Guyville' and 'Stull', with its sly, laidback groove. As the richness of Stull proves, Urge's vision was too large for the independents, and it was time to move on. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG

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