Silver Leaves EP

released January 1998

side 1: Ten Time/Going Down!
side 2: Almost Active/Please Be Miranda

The Foxymorons are David Dewese and Jerry James who divide their time between Mesquite, Texas and Nasville, Tennessee. Great lo-fi pop recordings on similar terrain to GBV and early Pavement. Going Down's a classic!

Blistered and Scorched - The Foxymorons story

One dull afternoon in 1994, David Dewese and Jerry James, longtime school chums and church attendees in the ancient town of Mesquite, Texas stumbled upon an abandoned drumkit in one of the Sunday School's upper-level classrooms. The discovery sparked a fervent series of elegant experiments in life and literature, noise and nihilism, with the results published in scientific journals worldwide.

Since those initial sessions, the boys' musical explorations continued, both jointly and severally (thanks in no small measure to lovely patrons who generously lent their guitars, amplifiers, drumsticks, tape players, etc), allowing the Foxymorons to develop their slightly skewed syntax for modern pop music. The duo's conclusions were eventually documented on their self-released 7" single "The Silver Leaves" EP.

The record, an engaging but noisy, lo-fidelity affair, perfectly demonstrates that supreme tradition in rock and roll: the process by which a band evolves from the banging of instruments with insulating illiteracy to the performance of brutal and beautiful music with spiritual abandon.

Mssrs. Dewese and James continue to compose and arrange their songs through the grand tradition of tape trading via the United States Postal Service and voice-mail messages placed during working hours. The band is presently planning a winter sabbatical to India at which time the first full-length album will be recorded.

Note: For those who care about such things, the Foxymorons are inspired by the work of pop stars past and present, including the Beatles, Big Star, the Velvet Underground, Gram Parsons, the Spice Girls, the Beach Boys, Swell Maps, and Royal Trux among others.

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