Joel Silbersher discography

Greasy Lens

released January 2002

1. Through The Manoeuvres
2. The Rest Becomes Apparent
3. Blue Fucker
4. Piglet (Rooting For Truffles)
5. Greasy Lens
6. The Catch
7. German Fang
8. I Miss Your Big White Bum
9. Flappin' On A Hook
10. The Working Day Is Dung
11. Dark Socket
12. Over Again
13. Spiders In The Mail
14. Clock

Currently out of stock (January 2010)

Joel Silbersher would like to claim he's been 'busy resting on his laurels'. He must have the most hauntingly beautiful and creative rest there is. Greasy Lens is for those unafraid of honest beauty. An album filled with dark humour and raw, real emotions. Like there are any other kind?

Greasy Lens may be his first solo record under his own name, but Joel has recorded and performed with Charlie Owen as Tendrils, as frontman for Hoss and way back when with God. Joel also plays as part of Tex Perkins' Dark Horses, and has been described as a 'post-rock god in his own right'.

The last Tendrils album (Soaking Red hac71) caused quite a stir in the UK with glowing reviews in NME, Mojo, The Guardian and other quality press. As a result Joel found himself in the UK for a brief period.

The same dark oil that permeated Tendrils drives Joel's solo album. Joel describes the music here as 'crudely fingerpicked songs of fucked love' under psychedelic layers of varying thickness. Joel creates songs that make you realise that most of what you hear on the radio is the end result of ambitious careerist getting good legal representation and a stylist. This is the antithesis to digitally groomed, over-aerobicised music. This is instead, unwound, frayed and veiled with an all too human uncertainty that we all recognise.

Joel hopes Greasy Lens is equal parts funny, sad and romantic. He also hopes that it sounds like it could have been released at any point during his lifetime (born in 1971).

"The key to our empathy lies with Silbersher's voice, a hoarse upper-middle register croon. Imagine a rawer, more malevolent Elliott Smith - or alternatively, the Richard Thompson to Smith's Nick Drake." - NME

The mechanism that propels these songs is their simplicity, Greasy Lens brimming with its stripped back intentions, even when there's plenty of 'a little something else going on' instrumentally. An album worth spending a great deal of time with." - Steve Phillips, Beat

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