The Wells Collective discography

Along Sydon Drive

released May 2003

1. The Boys, The Girls, The Apples And All The Way Home
2. It Was A Very Lazy Star
3. Along Sydon Drive
4. The Red House Of Wives
5. The Bitterness In Your Heart
6. His Father Was A Deadbeat Soldier
7. A Daydream Of A Monkey
8. Royal & Broadway
9. Smile Of The Newborn Child
10. Christmas In Royal Tunbridge Wells
11. She Closed Her Eyes (The Story Of The Battle Behemoth)
12. We'll Fill This Hall With Music

AU$ 20.00

Along Sydon Drive is the first solo effort from Melbourne-based Darren Smallman (Sound Platform and founder of the Low Transit Industries label). This is music with a folk/noise bent, in the vein of such artists as Of Montreal, Mazarin, Sparklehorse and Disaster Plan.

From the press release:
Along Sydon Drive emulates a new approach to presenting music - the album features the talents of countless musicians who donated their expertise in the studio, who were given lyrics upon entering the studio and simply had the moment itself to create harmonies and be documented on the album.

Along Sydon Drive was recorded by Rachel Lesley at Bakehouse Studio and was produced by both Rachel and Darren. Darren wrote the majority of the material on the album when he was living in England. A sample of a brass band appears on the track 'Christmas In Royal Tunbridge Wells' and is a field recording from outside the house Darren was living in at the time in Royal Tunbridge where a band was carolling on Christmas Day.

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