Destination Girl

released January 2003

1. Reno
2. Hair
3. Destination Girl
4. New Sensation
5. Day Is Over
6. Silent Space
7. Rowan's Theme
8. Morning Light
9. Page 16

Sasha Bell with her very 60s-sounding folkrock album. This album is a major fave on the Half A cow office andhome stereo!

Please allow Miss Sasha Bell (The Essex Green & Ladybug Transistor) to guide you toward her destination. It will be a magical jaunt down a twisting back road, a sparkling path of mellow melodies, sweeping strings, pulsating pianos and flowing flutes. Destination Girl is a picture perfect record of a complex and intelligent musical passage. Sacha's natural, easy charm glides through the rich, country-tinged tracks. Old fashioned and simultaneously forward thinking, Destination Girl commences Sasha Bell's next class.

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