Satanic Panic In The Attic

released January 2004

1. disconnect the dots
2. lysergic bliss
3. will you come and fetch me
4. my british tour diary
5. rapture rapes the muses
6. eros' entropic tundra
7. city bird
8. erroneous escape into eric eckles
9. chrissy kiss the corpse
10. your magic is working
11. climb the ladder
12. how lester lost his wife
13. spike the senses
14. vegan in furs

A lot has changed since "of Montreal" released their last album Aldhils Arboretum. Kevin married his Norwegian sweetheart, James moved to New York City, Andy went back to school, Derek has left the band to dedicate more time to Circulatory System and Bryan Poole has rejoined the band along with new comers Nina Barnes and Jason NeSmith.

The new album Satanic Panic In The Attic is more of a solo album then a band project as Kevin recorded the majority of the instruments himself. It was recorded from September 2003-January 2004 in Kevin's bedroom studio. The sound is a little bit of a departure from the previous releases as the influence of electro clash and 1970's Afro beat can be detected.

The new live band lineup consists of Kevin Barnes on lead vocal/guitar/piano, James Huggins on drums/samplers/synths, Bryan Poole on guitar, Nina Barnes on bass, Dottie Alexander on keys/synths/clarinet/flute and Jason NeSmith on guitar/double drums/synths/keys. The band is currently preparing for an extensive U.S. tour which they promise will be full of surprises.

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