City Lights/Drive Me Home 7"

released January 2004

side 1: City Lights
side 2: Drive Me Home

The Ca$inos music is driven by a diverse awareness of rock/pop, with inspiration being drawn from all facets. Using their unique pop sensibilities, they create songs featuring dynamic arrangements, unexpected changes, guitar solos, melodic bass, driving drums and ominous synth lines. Their live show is explosive and unpredictable, as is there musical direction, sense of humour, dress sense and state of mind.

Born in Geelong, The Ca$inos hit Melbourne in 2001 with their self produced EP United Junkies, (2000) building a rep as one of Melbourne's finest and exciting bands. 2002 became a year of significant line up changes, not before getting their chops out for the Rock Fah 101 EP (2002), produced by Matt Hills. The first embarkation occurred at the Tote one night, when original drummer destroyed his kit and stormed off stage two songs into the set. Gus Franklin (Smallgoods, AIH) stepped in the next day, adding his intense dynamic to the rhythm section and The Ca$inos played the following night. Later, the Duke of Windsor saw a show, which then unsigned group Jet enjoyed so much, they poached original bass player Mark Wilson. The immaculately-conceived Shags (Smallgoods) arrived, providing the bands missing link. In 2003, the definitive line-up played an eclectic range of shows including supporting the Masters Apprentices and Jet, as well as vibing out their own shows with quality bands such as Mid State Orange and the Rumours. 2004 sees the release of the 7" single City Lights/Drive Me Home through Low Transit Industries recorded with Lindsay Gravina at Birdland.

City Lights

released January 2004

1. City Lights
2. Drive Me Home
3. Good Lane
4. Street On The Beat
5. + video clip extra

The Casinos are three-fifths of The Smallgoods plus a mate of theirs. And this 4 tracker is their Saturday Night Wigout. Reminds us here at HAC of some late-60s English pysch band (Chocolate Soup For Diabetics anyone?) with extra 70s synth thrown in for good measure. Seems to be a bit of a 'road' theme going by the song titles, too. Like Shags once sang: "take me to the Entro Sonic Uno, oh oh oh"

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