released January 1993

1. Drugs & Jesus
2. Break The Ice
3. Lights For Angela
4. Sweet November
5. Night Time Fun
6. Cryin' Out

Australia's powerpop supergroup THE FINKERS featuring Michael Carpenter (Pyramidiacs/solo), Mick O'Regan (Pyramidiacs/Intercontinental Playboys/Thurston Howlers), Matt Allison (Spurs For Jesus/The Slaters) and Mickster (The Stoneage Hearts, Crusaders, Pyramidiacs, The Slaters), deliver the goods once more on their latest recording Stance - 6 tracks running the gamut of the powerpop genre! Featuring an ode to Chris Bell (Drugs & Jesus) and a cover of The Scruffs' Break The Ice.

THE FINKERS - putting power back into pop!!

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