Any Given Day

released January 2004

1. Two Left Feet
2. We All Need
3. Love With You
4. Any Given Day
5. Air With Words
6. Home Movies
7. World That's Made For Two
8. He's Counting Days
9. Unstable
10. Lily
11. Me And You

Anyone who has met Australian singer/songwriter Tim Reid or listened to his addictive music knows that he occupies a magical space. A space where a distinctive blend of unassuming flair and intense ambition collide to produce an artist who is at once approachable and intelligent. Tim Reid's music is characterised by beautiful, stirring melodies and an easy openness in his lyrics that only comes with genuine poise.

Tim has focussed (in his own endearingly disorganised but secretly exacting way) on becoming a mature songwriter and performer, and he has just emerged from the studio with his first full-length album. Recorded with the help of Arts Victoria and released by Popboomerang records, Any Given Day features the eclectic talents of Ross Calia, Susie Ahern, Marcus Goodwin and Matty Vehl (Icecream Hands), Marty Brown (Art of Fighting, Sodastream) and jazz artist Tim Wilson. Brimming with real human emotion, it explores themes of love, loss, and all things in between, weaving familiar sketches, soothing philosophies and fresh ideas into delicate but potent songs that are easy on the ear and reassuringly catchy.


"sophisticated yet unpretentious. A stunning debut." **** - Jo Roberts: The Age, Melbourne

"Any Given Day floats by on the strength of Reid's warm, rich vocals as he sings about the age-old concerns affecting romantics everywhere: love, loss and getting back on your feet after yet another of life's inevitable setbacks." - Danielle O'Donohue: Hit Magazine Herald Sun, Melbourne

"Fans of romantic pop from Simon & Garfunkle to Elliot Smith apply within" - Noel Mengel: Courier Mail, Brisbane ***1/2

"Unobscured and optimistic; poignant and personal songs that paint broad strokes of life experiences that we can all relate to" - Jasper Lee: Oz Music Project

"Soft, caressing melodies, unassuming airs and a wonderful fresh flavour that washes over you in the most inviting of ways. Such is Tim Reid's magical weave" - Mark Fraser: Redbackrock

"simple yet lush compositions and direct, intelligent lyrics - makes him one worthy of attention from thousands of music fans all over the world." - Mike Bennet: USA

" [a] closeness to Crowded House and the solo albums of Neil Finn, enriched with a bit of Elliott Smith. From this Reid creates, with much sensitivity, beautiful songs that touch and thrill." - Robert Palley: Aargauer Zeitung Newspaper, Germany

"ambient melodious guitar pop. A wonderful unassuming but refulgent pop album". - Stu Olds

"Tim Reid is firmly of the Paul McCartney School. With his romantic melodies and poignant sentimentalities, not to mention his focus on rustic folksy elements, his pleasing easy listening style bears certain similarities with Eric Carmen, David Gates, Eric Stewart, Glenn Tillbrook and most significantly, Neil Finn." - Kevin Matthews Singapore

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