Forever And Today

released January 2003

1. Fallen Stars
2. Up & Out
3. Every Little Thing
4. I Wanna Make It With You
5. I Won't Give In
6. My Love Is True
7. I Do
8. Little Petty Things
9. Today (Part 1)
10. Little Charms
11. You Fill Me Up
12. Oh No, Okay
13. Today (Part 2)

Introducing The Richies:
Charley Davis - Vocals, guitars, Theremin & Keyboards
Eddie Owen - Guitars, keyboards, Mandolin & Vocals
Michael Carpenter - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards & Vocals
Bob Susnjara - Bass Guitar and Vocals

The Richies came together early in 2000 with the demise of Charley's former band The Stereos. Charley started arranging some simple ideas for new tunes with the aid of friend Eddie Owen of Sydney's The Pyramidiacs, (their mutual admiration for all things "Filthy, Rich & Catflap" provided the inspiration for their new bands title).

The new melodic tunes that evolved were a far cry from the work of The Stereos who practically verged on hard rock territory. Upon completion of a hand-full of songs, they enticed Michael Carpenter also of The Pyramidiacs and Bob Susnjara (formerly of the same band) to complete the line up. With the long history of collaboration between these three new members, (and the fact that the record was also engineered and produced by Michael Carpenter at his own Stagefright Studios), Charley's job was never going to be difficult, (it has been said that Bob, Eddie & Mick can sing immaculate harmonies in their sleep).

The only minor problem for The Richies was the members' demanding schedules. Firstly came The Pyramidiacs tours of Europe & secondly, Michael Carpenter's own touring and studio commitments. The result being that the album took two and a half years to complete. The positive side to this is that the band was left with no regrets with the finished product.

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