A Different Ring In Your Ears

released January 2004

1. The Band's Broken Up
2. Keep On Movin'
3. Am I Blind
4. Lies

A Different Ring In Your Ears is Modern Giant's first official release, following on from two radio-only singles (both of which appear on the new EP). Modern Giant are a four-piece from Sydney featuring Gynia Favot (ex-Disneyfist), Andy Meehan (Fragile), Simon Gibson (Sneeze) and Adam Gibson. The EP was produced by Simon "Hummingbirds" Holmes and recorded at Damien Gerard and Big Jesus Burger studios in Sydney. Track one, 'The Band's Broken Up', is a tale of long loud nights and time passing, of waking up with ringing ears and smoke-smelling clothes, half-undone by beer and nevertheless preparing to do it all again. And again. The other three tunes, 'Keep On Moving', 'Am I Blind' and 'Lies' showcase the various aspects of the band. For more information email: moderngiant@hotmail.com

Satellite Nights

released January 2005

1. I'm Not Broken
2. Hell is Other People
3. The Band's Broken Up
4. Close My Eyes
5. San Sebastian
6. Heartbeat
7. Keep on Movin
8. Tie One On
9. Thought you were somebody else
10. Count Em Up
11. Angie Hart

Modern Giant are a four-piece Australian band whose unique combination of shining guitar pop and evocative spoken word storytelling has been winning over audiences since their formation two years ago. Drawing inspiration from the long tradition of Sydney guitar pop bands, Modern Giant do a fine line in loud guitars, but with an ear firmly cocked towards crisp pop melody and a strong element of spoken word. In 2004, after a succession of gigs, increasingly showcasing the band's intriguing live visual show, Modern Giant released their debut EP,

A Different Ring In Your Ears, produced by Hummingbirds front-man Simon Holmes. This EP received critical acclaim and the band's subsequent first two radio singles both gained healthy airplay. And so to the thrilling debut album Satellite Nights - this was also produced by Holmes and it's a record that finds the band truly hitting its stride, brimming as it is with a lovely collection of new songs about love, loss, long nights and even longer drives. Modern Giant are a band that stand out in the local music scene for the way they incorporate the raw Australian spoken word poetry of Adam Gibson into their garage guitar pop. Gibson, a writer whose first novel manuscript was shortlisted for the Australian/Vogel Award and who has performed his spoken word shows widely around the country, speaks of life in Australia from a powerfully honest perspective. More Paul Kelly that P. Diddy, with Gibson's words, Modern Giant spin stories of 'the city, of long Pacific Highway drives, of loves lost in the Chippendale night'. While the UK laddisms of The Streets and many US hip-hop acts have proved a hit in Australia, Modern Giant's uniquely local perspective makes for an interesting change.

"For a long time I've felt that many of 'our' stories haven't really been told in music," Gibson says. "We revere all these stories and images from overseas but I've felt that a specifically local perspective and local ideas haven't really, in a lot of ways, been given their due." "I think of how, say, the Triffids sung about truly Australian subjects, and of how Paul Kelly is identifiably Australian, and I wanted to try to do that with some of our songs. I wanted to try to tell stories of things we know about here, not some story about New York or London or wherever. "I've never been to New York but I have been to Port Macquarie, so I wrote a song about Port Macquarie. I wanted that local sense to come out in the songs."

Modern Giant's debut album Satellite Nights showcases the intersection between Gibson's vision and pop songs that have a lovely fuzzy glow to them (and to which you can sing along for hours.)

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