Sing Till It Hurts

released January 2002

1. Dawsons Creek
2. Song From An 80s Movie
3. Somethings Missing
4. Together Forever
5. Old Blue Sweater

Sarah Sarah are a fun and energetic pop group fronted by the engaging male/female vocal combination of Zac Anthony and Kate Duncan. Together with the inclusion of cheesy synth keyboards, boppy bass lines and simple hand clap drum beats, they produce songs that seem to fit somewhere between the soundtrack to an American teen flick and your FM radio dial. Sarah Sarah continue in the strong tradition of sentimental pop fun born under the influence of rich timeless melodies coated with trickly sweet harmonies; their aim is to produce the perfect three and a half minute pop song that is fun, upbeat and infectious. Playing energetic and passionate live shows, Sarah Sarah plan to effortlessly convert those they encounter into happy smiling fans. With enough ambition to conquer an unsuspecting Melbourne and beyond, spurred by their recent successes in the 2002 National Campus Band Competition and local radio support, Sarah Sarah think they have the talent to be lucky enough to make it.

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