Pretty Cold But It's Nice When The Sun Comes Out

released October 2002

1. Two Stations Away
2. Built To Split
3. Hometown
4. Married
5. Clownsuit
6. Slowburner
7. Broke No Records
8. Eight Years Later
9. Forget Myself
10. Reasons

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Sydney and part time London indies Half Miler, cough up their second album. And if you're looking for some highly polished, overdubbed silver platter of sounds, then forget it. What you get instead, is one cool little mid-fi pop package that's more about simple pop songs than big studio bullshit. Two Stations Away opens it all up with its bouncing, guitar guided, up beat popestry, followed by the warm, easy indie amble of Built To Split, and the more scorched, lazy throes Hometown. Married just drips of that sunny warm, candy pop essence..and I just love those subtle keyboard inserts. It gets a little darker with the edgy tones of Clownsuit, before the snap top beats, subtle guitarnage and sheer UK-like popervescence of Slowburner hook in. Way cool on all fronts. A little Salad even?? With the boys on board for some vox, Broke No Records sees the pellets getting a little rockier, those guitars still understated, but the popcorn still firing hot out of the steaming bowl. Eight Years Later is slow, sparse and pensive one minute, and bubbling all over the next, ahead of the raggedy Ann Forget Myself and the darker more disturbing etched scrawlings of tail ender Reasons. And there ya have it- plenty of that understated pop warmth to ease the chill outa these shitty cold winter nights. Sunny side up! -

Halfmiler, a Sydney four piece that combine impolite guitars and melodic sensibilities with a result comparable to classic guitar bands like Sebadoh and Blondie. Nice stuff! -

It's great to see that Halfmiler's 4 year hiatus from releasing music has resulted in such a good end product. Their new album is full of mid-fi rockin pop hits that come with a swag full of passion, energy and catchy melodies. Slowburner is also full of urgent guitars and swirling, repetitive riffs that are comparable to classic 90's indie stars Sebadoh. This is an album well worth checking out. -

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